Sunday, March 22, 2015

Fighting Terrorism

Via Bill

ScreenHunter_8067 Mar. 22 13.26waco_fire_wide-9203577b23bd582c55a3ac54d95e03ced5cd9573-s6-c30

On the left is ISIS burning a pilot alive. On the right is Hillary Clinton’s husband burning dozens of women and children alive in Texas in 1993.


  1. Clinton and ISIS use the same brutal tactics. How revealing.

  2. Actually between 1980 and 1992 this FBI tactic was practiced by every Republican administration . 90% of all anti-gun laws were written and passed by the Republicans. GW Bush ordered the raid on Ruby Ridge AND Waco as part of "operation trigger lock" Bushes effort to end "assault rife" ownership in the FUSA. Clinton and Reno may have gotten the credit for the murder of the children in Texas but the raid was PURE Bush. The five most anti-freedom presidents in history were Nixon , Reagan, Bush1 , Bush2 and Obama. That's all it took to destroy 200 years work. 45 years and five men signing bad law . To blame it all on "democrats" is at best short sighted.---Ray

  3. Uhh, yeah, right.

  4. Interesting that Clinton doesn't make your list, Ray - maybe that's because for 6 of his 8 years in office, he had to work with a Republican-dominated House of Representatives. So, maybe that curtailed his tyranny wish list.

  5. I will agree that the worst president/tyrant of them all was a Republican - Abraham Lincoln.

    1. I believe so, but of course the two parties have changed their positions since then 100%.

  6. Yea, they have, the Capitalist Party.