Sunday, March 22, 2015

Voter Fraud Via Social Security ID – Alien Power Rising, Citizen Power Disappearing

 Voter ID Requirements by State, October 2014

Remember Black Power? Now we’re facing Alien Power. Forget Obama’s executive orders. Without going through the immigration process on the books, an illegal does not become legal, even though Congress buries their heads. Ohio’s Attorney General, Jon Husted, warned that issuing social security numbers to illegal aliens can [likely will] affect the integrity of our elections. While the SS number doesn’t make it legal to vote, it makes it easier to vote illegally. In Obama’s DREAMer amnesty, reports are that 90,000 received a social security number, which suggests that the 5+ million illegals Obama is planning to amnesty, have a better than good chance of receiving the same benefit. Since Obama’s late 2014 amnesty announcement, no one knows how many social security IDs have been issued. The Senate has been forced to ask, and are still awaiting an answer.


  1. Obama has simply taken OBL's place as the world's number one terrorist. He will some day be treated as such.

  2. I thought NC was going to make it mandatory to show a photo ID. I know the
    liberals were going spastic about it but I thought this was going to be pushed

    1. It was signed into law and there were supposed to be legal challenges afterwards, but I haven't heard anything.