Sunday, October 14, 2012

AAR NCPATCON, October 2012

NCRC Piedmont Region

Warmer weather.  Good bonfires.
More overnight campers.

Nearly 100 total in attendance.

Met with several people for the first time, as well as several very familiar ones.


NC Ranger Corp, First Division, may be starting up their own site soon.  Will link as soon as they’re up and running.


A good smattering of gear for sale.  Mostly bags and packs and medical supplies.


Several excellent “How-To” demos.  One on radio communications, one on medical trauma treatment.


 Raffled off several T-shirts, a couple of hats, and a shotgun.


There are a still few, vested in the local political circles, espousing how solutions to the current state of affairs can be found within the realm of politics.  Something along the lines of, “We can vote our way out of this if we just vote for the right people”.


There are many people with experience and knowledge in the skills necessary to prepare for and even succeed in the 2015 Great North American Games.  And for now, they are more than willing to share.


More @ Alamance County Rangers


  1. What are the 2015 Great North American games?

  2. Sort Of like Brocks SEA War Games and the OIF/OEF War Games on steroids.