Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Go! Go! Go! Marine LePen: France Has a ‘Rendez-vous With History’, Globalists ‘Looking at Us in Fear’

Via Billy


The hour of the grand democratic confrontation between globalists and patriots has arrived.”

Addressing supporters in the northern French city of Lille on Sunday afternoon, Marine LePen announced a ‘‘rendez-vous with history’’, a fast-approaching day of reckoning between patriotism and globalism which would see France join a world-wide revolt against supra-national ‘’oligarchs’’ and their version of the world.

Presenting herself as the anti-system candidate, LePen emerged in striking red to deliver an address scathing of the failed promises of globalism, offering a message of national renewal reminiscent of President Trump’s ‘’Make America Great Again.’’

Acknowledging the important role of the north in her party’s recent successes, LePen opened with a nod to the history and renowned good humor of the region, a former industrial powerhouse and mining center ‘’martyred’’ by a globalization which had caused the closure of its factories and the ruination of once vibrant communities.

In a veritable declaration of war on supra-national government, LePen spoke of the countless families which had suffered because of ‘’market-based redundancies and savage off-shoring of jobs’’.


  1. The 101st had a rendezvous with destiny...perhaps France is finally getting a pair...just not the pair I thought. indyjonesouthere

    1. They say if she can get 31%, she may well win in the end which would be marvelous.