Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Alleged Underage Victim of Anthony Weiner Furious With FBI Investigation: Comey “Helped Abuse to Continue”

Via Billy

On the heels of Huma Abedin’s  talk of reconciliation with her currently estranged husband, Anthony Weiner, new claims are being leveled not only against Weiner but against FBI Director James Comey.

The young woman, who once again thrust Anthony Weiner into the spotlight for his perpetual addiction to sexting women of all ages and generally inappropriate conduct, has spoken out against the FBI’s handling of the ordeal.

(EDITOR”S NOTE: The letter cited by True Pundit in this article was originally published by Buzzfeed on November 2, 2016.)

In a now public letter, originally leaked by True Pundit, the girl and her parents allege the FBI handed the case in an unfair, politicized, and partisan manner in order to help shield Abedin and the Clintons from potential fallout. The entire content of the letter, addressed to James Comey, is available below. Via True Pundit: