Wednesday, March 29, 2017

This $56,199-Per-Year Campus Offers ‘Self-Identified White Students’ A Safe Space To Feel Guilty

Via Billy

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Loyola University Chicago offers a campus club “for self-identified White students” to admit their own racist feelings and to complain about the racism they perceive around themselves.

The segregated “affinity group,” called Ramblers Analyzing Whiteness, allows all students “who self-identify as White” to talk about their “anger and confusion about institutional racism” and to confess “guilt and hope about internalized racism.” Members can also “examine what it means to be White” and “begin the journey of operating in solidarity with others and their privilege.”

Students interested in joining Ramblers Analyzing Whiteness can’t just decide to start showing up at meetings. No, no.


  1. I'd love to go into their confessional. I'd have the delicate snowflakes running for the coloring books and a safe space. I'm Male and damn proud to be. I'm not confused and I am not apologetic about being a MAN. Don't like my maleness...Too Damn Bad, I am a PROUD WHITE MAN, deal with it.

  2. My POS alma mater.

    Told 'em to quit sending me the annual alumni mag with the usual request for donations after they invited Van Jones as a guest speaker.

    Appears I made the right decision.

  3. I only consider "the smallest minority", the individual person. The elite ruling class uses whatever human differences to divide us into groups to be pitted against each other in their "divide and conquer" agenda for their global slave plantation. To Hell with them! --Ron W