Friday, March 31, 2017

Yankee Foreign Policy and the Cold War


North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is rattling his sabers and threatening war against the United States. He blew up an American aircraft carrier in one propaganda video and has goaded the Trump administration in several other statements, ostensibly to create the image of manly firmness to his people. Obviously, high profile assassinations and executions along with staged videos showing Jong-un running through crowds of forced applause and mandatory groveling at his feet are not enough. North Korea does this about every twenty years. It is in the ruling family’s DNA.

But most Americans don’t understand the role North Korea played in the expansion of unconstitutional executive power in the United States nor its importance in the open ended foreign policy commitments of the twentieth century. That is the real story.

The villain in this narrative is the oft forgotten and in many cases unknown Yankee bureaucrat Dean Acheson, a man who once reportedly called Hillary Clinton a “terrific person.”


  1. N. Korea doesn't even want war. It's baring its fangs to let the US know not to attack. N. Korea is a scary place, but it's like a dog backed into a corner with regard to America.

    Raimondo writes about the ongoing Korean war here:

  2. Also, great article. Acheson sounds like a real villain.

    I haven't eaten much today, so that's my reply :p