Sunday, October 25, 2020

Áo dàis for Trump

 Via Hung Nguyen

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  1. The immigrants from Vietnam came to America, saw the good opportunities here, grabbed the ball, and ran with it.

    1. They came up with an astounding reason why and that is they work 6.5 to 7 days a week...... :) Unless it's a foreign company in Vietnam, if you get a job, the only question you ask is what hours do I work, since in Vietnam it's a given you work 7 days a week. In '95 I had a haircut every week and when I asked my girlfriend about his day off as I saw him every day, she said his day off is when he's sick.

  2. Yeah, fishermen, who are no slouches themselves in working hard, were exasperated that the newly arrived Vietnamese just WOULD NOT STOP.
    Six or seven Vietnamese families would buy an old rundown fishing boat, fix it up, and fish it 24 hours per day.
    When it was paid for, they'd do it all over again with the next boat.
    Seems the Vietnamese never understood the concept of "I can't".
    I have everlasting respect for them.