Saturday, August 4, 2018

Tennessee Highway Patrol Ignore Judge's Order


An interesting drama unfolded Wednesday morning as frantic calls to the Tennessee Highway Patrol dispatch went unresponsive in an attempt to report a "crime in progress".

Additional calls were placed by citizens all the way up the chain of command to  Tennessee's top Trooper, Colonel Derrick Stewart's office. Finally, a call to the THP's Legal office in Nashville on Foster Avenue connected with Deputy Counsel Liz Hale and yielded a conversation about why a temporary restraining order issued by a  judge was not enforced by our top state law enforcement agency especially when state property was being destroyed.

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  1. In many states the State gestapo are ordered to "stand down" when Confederate property is being vandalized. The State Police have been neutered with threats of "shit tours" vacations cancelled (emergency situation ya know), promotions denied and even the Damocles sword of dismissal hangs over their heads. When you're young and have a family to feed I guess sacred duty, honor and heritage come second to "obeying".