Saturday, August 4, 2018

'Democratic' Socialism: Be Careful What You Wish For

As capitalism recharges our economy, socialists want to destroy the very engine of prosperity.

Once it became apparent that the 2016 election results were real and people came out of their safe spaces to ponder their cruel fate, the attention of the left-wing quickly turned to a certain date: Nov. 6, 2018. They truly believed that would be the day America reacted to the horrible mistake of electing Donald Trump, restoring the Democrat Party to its rightful place as our governing agent. Surely Americans would be chomping at the bit to vote in a “blue wave” to wipe out GOP majorities in the House and Senate and (perhaps literally) handcuff Trump for the last few months of his term.

But a strange thing happened on our way to this meeting with destiny: Trump and congressional Republicans have succeeded in kick-starting an economy that was running in low gear over the previous eight years thanks to a “jobless recovery.” While it’s still possible Democrats will make significant inroads into the GOP advantage, there’s no guarantee that either the House or Senate will flip back to Democrat control.


  1. Well, it's finally happened.
    A weaponized drone was used
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    Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro survives assassination bid using drones packed with explosives during live TV speech:

    Chilling moment Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro faces 'drone assassination attempt' in the middle of a live TV speech - before soldiers run scattering from the scene and smoke rises in Caracas:

  2. Churchill, the Last Lion. He was often criticized.
    By idiots.