Monday, September 2, 2013

CNN Has Been Falsifying Syria News Reporting for More than a Year

Via Bill


The foremost mission of journalism is to be the de facto 'watchdog' of government behavior and actions.CNN and other American networks as well as al-Jazeera now have betrayed and perhaps irreparably destroyed that raison d'être around the world.

CNN has been dishonestly reporting to their viewers about Syria with US Government propaganda for more than a year. We are re-publishing our post from April, 2012, CNN, Al-Jazeera Falsifying Events in Syria - video. The lies have been deliberate, harmful to US citizens and world peace, anti-American in all aspects, crippling to the trust of public journalism, and above else, CRIMINAL. (disregard impeachable, too lengthy & distracting). 

We dug further and discovered this post which could be the pathway to the truth of journalism subversion: Members of Obama Administration are Related to People in the Mainstream Media-Truth!

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