Saturday, February 9, 2013

"Only accurate rifles are interesting"


 *This did work for the VC/NVA in Vietnam though.

I don't actually agree with that view. A 4MOA AK clone is plenty useful for its intended purpose. But given that we the people are far behind the most probable enemy in firepower, we have two main options. *The first is to close in and so avoid the enemy support weapons. That option is a loser because we are overmatched on the rate of fire, the amount of body armor, on the availability of grenades and closer quarters training in general.
The second option is to sniper from stand-off distance. While that makes us vulnerable to indirect support weapons as well as to vehicle mounted stabilized machine guns and cannon, it gives some chance of escape without detection. Absent sufficient explosives to make an ambush count, that means relying on the first shot hit against distant, armored and possibly moving foe. The cost in inaccuracy isn't in the ammunition but in the risk of detection and in the the exposure to return fire. In that sense, only accurate rifles with good ammunition and very, very competent shooters are interesting.

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