Saturday, February 9, 2013

Petraeus & Allen, Blomberg & Fritsch: We Have Seen This Movie Before

v. Rundstedt, v. Fritsch, v. Blomberg

When the National Socialists took power in Germany in 1933, they quickly carried out the systematic reordering and realignment of the nation’s institutions with their agenda. Business, the press, courts, labor unions, education, the churches, and other nodes of German civil society were all coordinated with the Nazi movement. This process was called the Gleichschaltung.

The Regime is hard at work carrying out our American Gleichschaltung. Local law enforcement is being coopted with DHS/FEMA dollars. Healthcare and state governments are likewise suborned by Obamacare. Finance,too is given a regulatory stick and zero interest rate free money carrot it can’t refuse.

In Germany, the penalties for noncompliance were severe, and they are here too. Take, for instance, the Department of “Justice”‘s recent indictment of rating agency Standard & Poor’s. Like other rating agencies (and the Fed), it got the housing bubble spectacularly wrong. Unlike other rating agencies, it rediscovered its commitment to the truth and downgraded the Regime’s sovereign credit rating in the summer of 2011 after the debt ceiling impasse.

How curious that the rating agency that told even the tiniest bit of truth about Regime insolvency is the one DoJ chooses for targeted killing. Right as we head into fights about the budget sequester.

The message to New Rhodesia’s business community couldn’t be clearer: get with the Gleichschaltung or we will kill you.


  1. Yep. The assclowns perpetrating "change" on us today aren't originals. They are incapable of original thought. They are repeating failed policies of the past.

  2. Comment by Dave at source.

    February 10, 2013 at 12:32 pm

    All true but this regime has overlooked one thing. Weimar Germany did not have a population containing over 22 million military veterans one quarter of which are Marines. Any intelligent person knows you don’t piss off the USMC. The arrogance of Obama and the other statist will be their ruin and they will soon face their own “bridge too far.”