Saturday, February 9, 2013

NC: 2nd Amendment ACTION ALERT: Chatham County Commissioner Wants to Prevent New Wal-Mart From Selling Guns & Ammo!


Commissioner Sally Kost (progressive liberal) is already trying to prevent the new Wal-mart that is being built here to not allow guns & ammo to be sold. Sally Kost in front of Sen Hagan’s Office protesting with Moveon.Org  supporting Obamacare.

 Evidently when God made female liberals, he decided that all  would be ugly.



We are hearing from liberals who want to stop gun & ammo sales in our county. We want our County Commissioners to know that these liberals do “not” represent the majority of people in the county.

They have secretly set up a team of Obama supporters to speak at the next Chatham County BoC meeting Feb 18 @6pm regarding the new Wal-mart being built  in our county off 15-501 to prevent any ammo or gun sales at the new store that is presently under construction.

I have no problem speaking openly vs the sneak attack to ambush our County Commissioners into believing the majority of citizens want a band on gun & ammo sales in our county.

I urge all 2nd amendment supporters to sign up to speak up at the public input session at the beginning of the meeting Feb 18th 6pm at the Agriculture building just behind the circle in Pittsboro. You have 3 minutes to speak.

Link below to sign up for public input session, just make sure you put correct date and fill out info, you may ignore the subject and several other questions and just click submit. This will automatically put you on the list the evening of the BoC meeting. When you arrive, just ask to check the sign in sheet and your name should appear on the sheet for public input:

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