Saturday, February 9, 2013

Why We Will Win


It’s easy for American Rhodies to be discouraged by the daily intel report we source from the Internet, whether MSM (must at least be aware of the day’s Regime talking points to the Media Directorate) or FreeFor. On the discouraging days, it can be valuable to consider a realistic longer term assessment of why at least some of the Rhodie Remnant might actually win.

Since at least the time of the Jacobins, the Left has been engaged in a Long War against Capital. Their Long War on Capital takes many familiar forms: income taxes, estate taxes, creeping property taxes, junk fees and fines, creeping inflation, currency debasement, and land reform, inter alia.
Since at least the mid-60s, the Left has expanded the battlefront, attacking cultural, social, and human Capital as well (part of its self-described “long march through the institutions“). In many respects, their success in these areas has been near-total: they control the (Regime) MSMedia, higher education, foundations, the arts (both fine and base), literature, and public education.

But what price their success? The Cultural Left’s weakness is the same feature/flaw of any parasite: it destroys its host. In gaining control of Popular Culture and Mass Education, the Left has destroyed them. (An echo of destroying the village in order to liberate it.) The Left controls the shell of the institutions, but the institutions have lost their efficacy and are also losing what remains of their legitimacy.

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