Saturday, February 9, 2013

Defense Distributed Unveils New 3D Printed Gun Magazine ‘Cuomo’ (VIDEO)

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 Defense Distributed hasn’t yet released the 3D printer files of its Cuomo mag online, but plans to do so over the weekend, Wilson said. The group is also working on a 40-round AK magazine design it plans to test and release soon.


Defense Distributed, the Austin, Texas-based project by 24-year-old law student Cody Wilson and several others to develop 3D printed firearms and firearm components, or “Wiki Weapons,” on Thursday posted a new video online showing a successful test firing of a new 3D printed high-capacity (30-round) automatic rifle (AR) magazine, named “Cuomo,” after New York State’s gun-control supporting governor Andrew Cuomo.

New York recently passed a law banning all magazines in excess of 7 rounds (except for law enforcement use), the nation’s toughest magazine regulation.

“He [Cuomo] wants to be associated with these magazines,” Wilson told TPM, reached by phone on Thursday. “Lets make that association permanent.”

Check out Defense Distributed’s new video of the Cuomo magazine being test fired below:

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