Saturday, September 3, 2016

Does Life Begin At Conception?

The moment a Vietnamese child is born, he/she is one year old.



U.S. veteran finds lost love in Vietnam — and she has a surprise for him

Alone in a hotel room in a small Vietnamese town, Jim Reischl waited restlessly. Recounting the story later, the Vietnam War veteran said he had traveled 8,500 miles, with an arthritic knee, for this long-sought reunion.

“I am getting a bit excited,” he said. “Geez, I haven’t seen her in 45 years!”

Then came a knock on the door.


  1. that just brought tears to my eyes

    1. I bet as it was a killer here, but we seem to be kindred souls. What is your zodiac sign?

      By the way, I'll be going back to do something similar.

      "I plan on going back after Thanksgiving where I will travel to Long Xuyen to visit the Catholic church there (below) which seats 1,000 and make good on a promise I made 22 years ago."

    2. I posted this in 2014, but don't know if you saw it, so.........

  2. I can't get the link to work - did go back and looked at all the April 2014 posts, but didn't see the one that the title indicates - talk about a walk down memory lane nevertheless.

    I am a Cancer Crab Moonchild - I appreciate honesty over all else even if it hurts. That these two people could meet after 45 years and have it be positive is wonderful. I hope they can track down their daughter. I hope you have good luck in finding whoever you are searching for in Vietnam. You look very content in the picture you posted.

  3. I can't get the link to work

    Here! & you sent it to me! :) I missed that before.




    You look very content in the picture you posted.

    A picture of me? Where? :)

  4. That's why that April 2014 post sounded familiar (I sent it ;)

    You look contented/comfortable/at home in the Saigon 1974 photo in the post above the Reunion post.