Saturday, September 3, 2016

Canada's First Heritage Not Hate Confederate Flag Rally?

Via Cousin Dale

 "Met this Gentleman from Turkey, who gets it! He's been here seven years, and quite thankful."

On Saturday July 16th/2016 I held a small Confederate flag rally in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. While I intended to imply several ideals, it first and foremost was raised as a historic battle flag in dedication to the soldiers that fought for the South in the American Civil War (or The War of The States). The lineage of my family is such that I have descendants that fought for both sides in the war. I believe in honoring the sacrifices, valor, and service put forth from both sides.

The Confederate flag was not banned in Canada last year and there has been a growing amount of Confederate symbolism appearing in Canada ever since. I've logged several thousand miles with Confederate Heritage Not Hate signage, written several articles on my blog, had a social media campaign.... the logical next step was a public demonstration.

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