Saturday, September 3, 2016

When Black Lives Don't Matter

Black lives don't matter when Planned Parenthood is involved.  Most do not realize that Planned Parenthood was the outgrowth of Margaret Sanger's attempt to cleanse the American population of undesirables, especially blacks, whom she considered incapable of the type of "elevated" behavior  of educated whites.  But, Margaret wanted to rid society of all manner of undesirables, not just blacks.  To her, the mentally disabled, the weak, the unmanageable hordes must also be cleansed.

This is why Planned Parenthood started in the inner cities, where the poor, disabled and minorities were most often encountered.  Yet, Hillary Clinton is still proud to accept the Margaret Sanger Award.  And, she accuses Trump of being a racist.


  1. omg that's priceless.... what a fking perfect poster child for the inner city, "I'm owed it" mentality. Wow.

  2. Is that for real? Not a photoshop or a kid trying to use sarcasm? Please tell me he doesn't really mean this.

    1. I couldn't remember, but just searched and:

      "Yes, I shopped this. It captured mine, and many others, frustration with this whole situation."