Monday, April 23, 2012

Puerto Rican robbery suspect of 1983 Brinks armored car robbery negotiating with feds

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A graying Puerto Rican nationalist charged in a 1983 robbery in Connecticut is negotiating with prosecutors to try to resolve the case ahead of trial, his attorney said Monday.

The attorney for Norberto Gonzalez Claudio made the disclosure at a bond hearing in U.S. District Court in Hartford. Attorney Richard Reeve said his client could better consult with those close to him on his options if he were released from jail.

"I would report to the court there are ongoing negotiations," Reeve said.

The judge did not immediately rule on the request for bond, which is opposed by federal prosecutors who say Gonzalez is too dangerous to be released.

Wearing a beige prison jumpsuit and a bushy white goatee, Gonzalez smiled and winked at family members as he was led into the courtroom with his hands cuffed behind his back. He has been jailed at a Rhode Island prison since last May, when the FBI found him living under an assumed name in a small town in central Puerto Rico.

Gonzalez was one of the last two remaining fugitives in the 1983 robbery of $7 million from a Wells Fargo armored car depot in West Hartford, Conn. The crime was orchestrated by Los Macheteros, a group that claimed responsibility for robberies, murders and bombings in the 1970s and '80s in the name of Puerto Rican independence.

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