Monday, April 23, 2012

When blacks raise children to hate whites

An open letter to Dr. James Cone in response to an article published by

Dear Dr. Cone,

I suspect your father lied to you.

Your tales of a dad who would come home night after night steeped in worry that White marauders were lurking in the night awaiting an assault simply don't ring true.

If I understand you correctly, your father never was actually attacked. Night after night, week after week; year after year. They never came. There you stood with a shot gun, looking into the darkness of night awaiting the assuring sight of headlights on your father's pick-up truck. Your father always came home. You never used your gun. The White mobs never materialized.

Maybe, just maybe, there were no White thugs lurking in the night. Maybe, just maybe, your dad was lying.

Then, again, he may have been suffering from delusions of schizophrenia.

Once he supposed a lynch mob was coming, bent on running him out of his home. That mob never materialized either.

Or could it be that his worries were well founded? Is it possible that the man who, you say, expressed racial anxiety and could never work for a White person lest he lose his dignity may have, himself, been the agitator? Is it possible that your dad, like so many other blacks, thought it sport to sucker punch defenseless White people? Did you father worry that someday his racist assaults would catch up with him? That someone would seek revenge?

I don't know.

What I do know, or at least conclude from your testimony, is that your father played a significant role in instilling racial hatred in his son, that he terrorized his son with sordid tales of wicked violent White folks, and that racism has gripped your heart and mind for some seven decades.

Did your father also instill in you the need to lie?

According the article at, you claim that some 5,000 black men, women and children were lynched between 1880 and 1940.

5,000 is nice round number. Is it accurate? Are you telling the truth?

Actually, from 1882 to 1968 there were 4,743 lynchings in America. Of those, 1,297 were White. In fact, in twenty-five states there were as many or more Whites lynched as blacks. (I have used this Tuskegee report many times also. BT)

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