Monday, April 23, 2012

“Now That’s Justice For Trayvon

Occidenta Dissent 

Matt Owens is now in critical condition after being 
beaten in Mobile by a Black Undertow mob

A little bird has dropped by the OD comments to tip us off to the beating of Matt Owens … a vicious Black Undertow lynch mob attack that happened in Mobile on Saturday night. The victim’s sister Ashley Parker claims on Facebook that a black woman who participated left the scene saying, “now that’s justice for Trayvon.”
“This is my brother. He was beaten by 20 blacks last night. He is in ICU with bleeding on his brain. It was the scariest thing I have ever witnessed. They chased him and beat him on the front porch of his residence. They hit him with brass buckles, paint cans and anything they could get their hands on. We haven’t heard from the police if they have been arrested yet. The news won’t touch this story. As one of the blacks left…the bitch said “Now thats justice for Trayvon ” People. You need to wake up and open your eyes because the shit has hit the fan.”
Note: Here is a local news report on the incident. The MSM obviously wants to send this story down the memory hole.



  1. Keep putting heat to that pressure cooker morons.

    Great find, Posted.


  2. Thanks. Keep it going, it ain't getting better.