Monday, April 23, 2012

The Stack, Jack

The front door of your Castle explodes off the hinges and the Stack starts their entry.

If you have taken the decision not to fight at this point, so be it. For all things there is a time and place, and you choose where and when you will do what.

But if you have taken the decision to fight any Stack and the first alert you get is the front door coming off the hinges, you've got problems.

Here are the basics. First, consider the event from LEO's perspective. They have done this dozens or hundreds of times before. They have a script, a pattern, and expectations of how this will go. Just like the other raids, they will swarm with overwhelming force, surprise and the Target (you) will meekly wait while they kill Fido, stomp Kitty and terrorize your wife and children. After all, that's how it always goes.

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