Friday, January 6, 2017

Has Russia become the world’s new moral leader?

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Has Russia become the world’s new moral leader?

The Russian bear has become the big bad wolf to the American left, blamed for everything from winning the election for Donald Trump to “penetrating” the U.S. electric grid to birthing “fake news.”

But is their real problem that Russia has become the new national equivalent of the Moral Majority?

An ideological component was integral to the Cold War, with a then more traditionalist West opposing the Marxist Red Menace of the Soviet Union. As Eastern Europe’s communism collapsed, however, relations thawed. But the post-bipolar world has seen an ideological pole shift, with a secularizing, increasingly statist, sexual-agenda-spawning West opposed by an explicitly traditionalist Russia.
While some U.S. state governments punish Christian businessmen for not servicing same-sex “weddings,” Russia outlawed pro-homosexual propaganda in 2013. Our left was apoplectic, and the Obama administration condemned the law.

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  1. What it boils down to is Obama was tolerant of Muslims, Trump is tolerant of Russians. Comes from past associations. I would ask Trumps opponents who are the ones who kill or advocate violence towards the West - Muslims or Russians ? We have far more common enemies with Russia than Muslims (the Muslims in fact hating both of us).

    I trust the Russians far more than the Muslims.

  2. I rather like Putin. Some Eastern Europeans tell me how they dislike him. I can understand that. But I don't live in Eastern Europe.

    It would be interesting to listen to a Pole or another Eastern European explain his concerns about Russia.

    Though Putin doesn't consider himself Christian, from what I've read anyway, he does at least defend his church. And that's admirable.