Friday, January 6, 2017

A media noose for Jeff Sessions: He’s a white son of the South and that’s enough to justify a lynching

Via Billy

Attorney General Nominee Jeff Sessions Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times

Dishonest media attacks against President-Elect Donald Trump’s nominee for attorney general, Jeff Sessions, won’t derail his confirmation. But it’s important to discuss where they come from because not everyone who realizes their origin is comfortable with that conversation.

The Washington Post and Los Angeles Times spent more than a month working on stories that were exclusively about Jeff Sessions and race, to run before Mr. Sessions’ Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. Their aim was clear: to try to define Mr. Sessions as a caricature, stepping straight out of the segregated south and into the Department of Justice, ignoring his 20-year career as a United States senator.

There’s only one reason why large news organizations invest so much time, energy and money — they sent reporters to Alabama, each of whom spent a week there — to do these biased stories, and it’s time someone said what it is. The reason is because someone, somewhere, deep down doesn’t believe a white man from Alabama should be the attorney general of the United States.

That’s every bit as racist as saying a black man from Chicago shouldn’t be president of the United States.


  1. This is black-racialist strategy in the small. Its key component is the demand that any office, once occupied by a Negro, must forever after be occupied by a Negro. The Supreme Court seat once held by Thurgood Marshall was the opening stroke.

  2. One of the aspects of the current political and social culture that continues to infuriate me, and I am sure others also, is the fact that the prog media will spare no expense, leave no stone un-turned, and fabricate things when necessary, to come up with anything to use to assassinate the character of those with whom they disagree. This same bunch of jackals and clowns won't lift so much as a finger to look into scandals that have cost lives (fast and furious), been beyond the pale of civilized conduct (planned parenthood selling baby parts), or been treasonous (the funding and protecting of ISIS).

    Someone needs to bring this 5th column to account, and right now!

  3. Pretty much it's just as the article says: Sessions is a white Southerner, so he's guilty by birth. Or such is the rationale.

    I haven't looked at what Sessions intends to "clean up", but it sounds like there are an awful lot of problems. And his desire to restore law-and-order is probably the main drive against him.

    Similarly, Carson isn't seen as black, because he holds the "wrong views".