Friday, January 6, 2017

Hate crime charges filed in Chicago torture case & Gingrich: If Races Reversed in Chicago Beating – Every Liberal Would Be Outraged

Via Billy

 Hate crime charges have been filed against four people in Chicago following the appearance of a Facebook Live video showing the torture of a mentally disabled teen, police announced Thursday afternoon.

"The actions in that video are reprehensible. And that, along with racism have absolutely no place in the city of Chicago or anywhere else for that matter, against anyone, regardless of their race, gender, state of mental health or any other identifying factor," Superintendent of Police Eddie T. Johnson said Thursday.

The disturbing footage, which spread widely online Wednesday, features four seemingly black attackers shouting “f--- Donald Trump” and “f--- white people” while torturing an apparently white victim, though police did not state the races of the attackers or their victim on Wednesday night.

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  1. There exists today a very strong anti-white male bias in this country today. I do suspect there is a very large percentage of the "people of color" who do condone what these inner city two legged vermin have done. This is the fruit of antichrist Obama's eight years of race baiting.

  2. It's amazing that we have survived.

  3. I read elsewhere that a judge denied bail for these losers.