Thursday, January 5, 2017

Saigon, January 5, 2017

Across the street.

 .79 cents.

.80 cents
I have no idea in the world why the girls put on their hats when they work in the kitchen. An attractive addition, though. :)

Belgium friends.  The two on the left went to Phú Quốc, $79 round trip from Saigon, but their friend stayed behind.  He has taught English and history of the Vietnam War at the International School in Bangkok for 10 years.  He was eager to find out information about me as he said he tries to make the class interesting. He cured his morning illness by drinking 5 beers before I got there at 11AM.  :)  I taught ESL and Business English in Saigon 1993/4.

KFC, Vietnamese style.

Vietnamese rent three wedding dresses and change them during the festivities.

Crab Soup once again! :)

Richard is trying to decipher the funeral notice. More pictures below.

Our black is their white for mourning.

I missed the Swastika which has been a symbol of the Buddhist religion for 2,000 years.

Money to take to heaven.

He  received my Vietnam information and was much appreciative.

Funeral flowers for sale.

.66 cents with fried eggs. The shop owner's daughter's wedding second picture below in PA. He always has a generous supply of *Rượu thuốc, but don't know where they got 80 proof, as it is 140, 160 or 180. *The Cobra is the best, but you are cautioned to not drink too much of it. :)


All these ads would be a waste of money as buying or building a place on the economy would be much cheaper and I imagine that these condos/HOA's come with all the detriments of ours.

On the left is a made for taste orange, Vietnamese drink and absolutely wonderful.  Wish I could buy it in the states. In the middle, the world famous 140 proof  Rượu đế which I bought for .32 cents.

French cheese.

1. I've noticed that there is no one who wears their baseball cap backwards! Glory Hallelujah!

2. I have also noticed that, unfortunately, there seem to be less attractive girls than there were before, but hopefully an error on my part:)


  1. Posts like these are among the reasons why I know you're a true Southron, Mr. Townsend: it's all about the vittles and the cuties.