Monday, March 11, 2013

Animal Liberation Activist: 'Hunters Are Terrorists,'


The radical left isn't just at war with guns, it's after those who use them, in this case hunters. Long-time animal liberation loon Gary Yourofsky came out with the latest, saying "Hunters are terrorists of animal world," in a March 8, 2013 piece.

Got that? Hunters are Bambi's al Qaeda.

Yourofsky, who calls himself the press officer of the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, went on to bemoan hunting and calling hunters "animal killers." "Hunting is blood lust and dominance. Hunting is hatred and violence. Hunting is murder. And it's obscene," he ranted.

In his diatribe, he quoted both Pythagoras and rocker/hunter Ted Nugent to make points against violence against animals. But he seems OK with violence against humans. He claims he was falsely accused of a crime in one case because "a few hunters claimed that I threatened to gut a hunter's child and blow up some cars over the recent deer killings at our Metroparks. Those charges are untrue, insidious and outrageous."

Then he followed that up with an admission that he did offer violence. "However, I did challenge six hunters to show me how tough they really were. I wanted to beat them down and show them what oppression, violence and domination was all about. Unfortunately, they refused my challenge," he wrote.

Yourofsky has gone after Nugent before, a man he reportedly calls his "Lex Luthor" (Superman's arch enemy).

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