Monday, October 25, 2010

No T Multikulti Kool-Aid

Germany Begins to Reject Multiculturalism

Mike Scruggs

The Germans have about had it with multiculturalism, a concept that many Germans now disparagingly refer to as “multikulti.” Only a few years ago Multiculturalism was a doctrinal darling of the European Union, but in recent years, as the realities of cultural collision with the growing Muslim immigrant population set in, it has become increasingly unpopular.

At an October 16 meeting in Potsdam with young leaders of her party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), German Chancellor Angela Merkel shocked Europe by saying that multiculturalism “has failed totally.” A substantial majority of the German people were already thoroughly aware of this failure and unhappy with the continuing Muslim invasion of Germany.

Merkel and other leaders of the CDU and allied parties first called attention to the enormous economic burden that Muslim immigration placed on Germany. Then they dropped the bombshell that nearly blew the socks off politically correct multikulti hearts all over Europe. Horst Seehofer, Minister-President of the state of Bavaria, stated that the CDU and allied parties “were committed to a dominant German culture and not a multicultural one.”

These statements by the coalition of German parties in power will undoubtedly have major ramifications in other European countries. Denmark has already successfully curtailed further immigration, and its conservative governing coalition wants both economic sanity and Danish culture to prevail. Belgium is on the verge of a civil war over immigration. The Flemish speaking majority is threatening secession from the politically dominant French speaking population, who tend to favor socialism and multiculturalism. Generally, the Muslim population enhances the strength of the socialist parties in Europe. The European Union has pushed multiculturalism with totalitarian frenzy for many years, but newly elected members of the European Parliament show a trend to the right. Electoral trends in the Netherlands, for many years one of Europe’s most dependably liberal societies, have surged strongly to the right. The issues are both the insanity of multiculturalism and the failures of socialism.

A recent poll indicated that more than 30 percent of Germans believe that “Germany has been overrun by foreigners.” This same study by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation also indicated that roughly the same 30 percent believe that these foreigners came to Germany because of the welfare benefits.

Meanwhile, Germany is probably in the best economic shape of any nation in Europe.

Cutting ballooning and overburdening national budgets has been much more compatible with the German psyche than with that of the Greeks and French. In fact, the German public is somewhat galled by having to help bail-out fiscally irresponsible EU governments and then watch nightly televised demonstrations against fiscal austerity by students and labor unions in France and Greece.

In addition, for the first six months of 2010, the EU Commission estimated Germany’s economic growth at 3.4 percent, approximately double the 1.7 percent economic growth for the rest of Europe. German exports grew by 17 percent, while other EU countries achieved a 12 percent growth in exports. German exports to Brazil grew 61 percent, and exports to China grew 56 percent. Germany does need more skilled workers, but with 16 million Muslim immigrants, it already has far too many unskilled workers.

The U.S. has a similar excess of unskilled workers who find it very difficult to compete in an increasingly technological employment market. They make up a large portion of our 15 million unemployed, but the Obama government and Congress want to give 8.4 million unskilled illegal immigrants and their families amnesty. However, amnesty will make liberals feel good about increasing diversity at the expense traditional values. Of course, the big bonus for Democratic politicians is that a large amnesty will almost certainly tip the electoral balance of power permanently to liberal Democrats.

In the early 1960s, Germany began to admit guestworkers to keep up with its growing economy. As Chancellor Merkel said, “We kidded ourselves for a while, we said, ‘they won’t stay; sometime they will be gone,’ but this isn’t reality. And, of course, the approach ( to build) a multicultural (society) and live side-by-side and to enjoy each other…has failed, utterly failed.”

There are some lessons here that should be learned by the United States. Multiculturalism is cleverly disguised cultural poison. Small amounts of cultural diversity may be beneficial to a nation, but a large influx of immigrants only leads to cultural conflict and threatens the native culture and its political dominance. Successful nations are based on shared values, not marked cultural diversity. Multiculturalism and diversity are cherished liberal ideologies that don’t usually work. In fact, they generate conflict that erodes rather than builds economic and social progress.

The Germans, the Danes, the Flemish, and a growing number of other nations and peoples in Europe want to keep their respective cultures. We Americans also have a culture worth keeping. We do not need to sacrifice it to multikulti diversity dreams or liberal-socialist ideology.

In the last two decades our children have been force-fed multiculturalism and its multikulti diversity shadow in public schools and hundreds of once great universities. The American people have been continually propagandized and bullied into accepting

a social and political insanity that is only a few elections from destroying us and sweeping our social, economic, cultural, and spiritual heritage under the heavy rug of Jacobin tyranny. If we continue to drink multikulti kool-aid and fail to wake up from our intellectual, moral, and spiritual slumber, we will find ourselves in chains.

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