Monday, January 17, 2011

George Washington Statue Hidden In Box By NAACP

From: C.M. Sullivan
Subject: Geo. Washington banned from NAACP rally

Date: Monday, January 17, 2011, 2:17 PM

The annual MLK observance at the state house in Columbia SC had an interesting twist this year. The event is held on the north side steps of the statehouse. Prominent at that location is a large bronze statue of George Washington. This year, the NAACP constructed a "box" to conceal the Father of His Country from view so that participants would not be offended by his presence.

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Columbia's "The State" Newspaper



  1. I am greatly disheartened and disgusted by this blatent display of ignorance.

  2. Ignorance through indoctrination thanks to our Marxist schools/media/armed services/government. We have been thoroughly infiltrated.

  3. I thought that these people wanted to have a bright future, it will NEVER happen while living in the past of superstition and VOO DOO Black Magic, the only difference in the NAACP and the KKK is about 50 years and white sheets. These MORONS don't want to get along with each other, the black on black crime is at a all time high and George Washington didn't contribute to any of it. How STUPID can a person get? Next President's Day we need to cover up all of MLK'S statues and pictures, it might offend Washinton or Jefferson. Semper Fi.

  4. Is this a photograph, or a photoshop? Where was this? When was this? Who offered the photo? If, in fact, it did happen, who approved it?
    Until I learn of it being valid, I am much more inclined to see it as a photoshop job by some acned dipstick sitting in Mommies basement.
    He and his moonpie eating friend are probably laughing at how easy it was to shake up "them Tea Party guys".

    1. Southern Class??? More like Southern 'Ass'. Anyone with a twinkling of computer background can in fact easily tell this is not a photo-shopped picture. In fact, it was run in several other stories but they were hidden from making the Main Stream News at 5. Then what is with your ignorant and snide little remark at the end characterizing "Tea Party guys" as "moonpie eating"?!? Who can blame you though, you probably have an I.Q. well below 70, so continue on Southern 'Ass' we won't be listening to your tripe.

  5. As the words state:

    C.M. Sullivan & the state house in Columbia SC

    Christopher Sullivan is the past Commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

  6. A different anonoymous

    From Columbia's The State newspaper

    Right there in the gigapan view at the top, Washington is the guy in the wood box (since the previous guy couldn't find the details in a short paragraph)

  7. Good find. I just posted another link in the main body, but that was from Atlas Shrugs (Boxing George - Atlas Shrugs) who got it from here, so thanks for this independent report.

  8. Why in the hell would they do this?

  9. The Father Of Our Country was white and basically that's all they need to know, since all Caucasians are racist, Southern, slave beating, raping, snaggled toothed, red neck, illiterate heathens, it's crystal clear when you have been indoctrinated by our Marxist, indoctrinated system of government.........

  10. Hell if I was Geo. Washington, I wouldn't want to be seen with those idiots anyway..............

  11. Unfortunately, true. Here's to my 3X grandfather who saved the flag at Brandywine, and to think we have fallen this far.......

  12. The NAACP began as they are now -- by being dominated by anti-American Marxists.

    (And now, the Urban League needs to be saved, to return to its roots.)

  13. Otoh we could say it was to avoid Washington having to look at these scum. ;-)

  14. You're ruled-obviously-by a Cultural Marxist regime(see, for example, Paul Gottfried) so this shouldn't be a surprise. But then most "conservatives" are satisfied as long as they can worship the military and cheer for pro-Zionist wars.

    Stop being fooled by con-men like Limbaugh and listen to Buchanan, Ron Paul and Justin Raimondo. Reckless military interventionism is not conservative.

  15. And they are calling us racist? What the H...!

  16. I may sound racist, but maybe we should box them up and send them back to ttheir native Africa. enough of this ignorant crap from ignorant people. wake up America!

  17. Martin Luther King would have been ashamed of them!

    1. Exactly, all of those so-called leaders that accompanied MLK in the 1960's marches were looking at how much money could be made once he was out of the way..............and they have, any time these so-called black leaders are told no, it's racism or at least that's what they cry.

  18. I can't believe this. What an insult to the father of this great country.

  19. When the Civil Rights Act passed and the Feds took the benefactor mantle for colored folks, the colored folks missed the boat ... they should have used the benefits offered to better themselves instead of falling down the self-pity rabbit hole ... they may very well have come to power had they acted like Walter E. Williams or Thomas E. Sowell!

  20. I saw the photo on facebook last night and spent the better part of the evening locating a few published photos on the internet. I finally found an article posted by "The State" newspaper in Columbia.

    I posted it to my blog late last night and forwarded the story to several major media outlets. I am betting that the story will get absolutely no traction or coverage by the MSM.

    Being ashamed to be in the presence of a statue of the father of this country was/is a non starter with present day media apparently, but assaulting the heritage and history of the south makes for good print.

  21. I find the covering of our George Washington quite unsettling and disrespectful.

    How about we cover MLK because he offends some of us. How would that fly?

  22. I would say "grow up!", but I see that's futile. This was a total bonehead move, but it was not due to being "offended" by Washington! It was so the focus of the say could still be MLK. You people are every bit as stupid as the people with the box.

  23. Martin Luther King Jr. would not have approved of what the NAACP did here, if in fact it was the NAACP that did this.

    Read up on MLK and tell me what you find offensive about this great leader, please. King provided a message of hope and inspiration for people of all race, creed and color. I think it's time for all men to take heed in his message.

    Don't fall for the race baiting that is meant to divide us. Think for yourselves.

  24. How can this be okay for the NAACP yet would be racist if a white group covered a statue of MLK, Jr.?

  25. Covering Washington is a travesty, and Stephen is right about MLK - he was much more conservative than any of the liberal NAACP folks admit. Too often I heard from my daddy's lips how subhuman blacks and Jews were and I see it in some of these comments. This is the most UNconservative thing that can be uttered - conservatism, at minimum, holds to: individual rights granted by God (not group rights gifted to us by govt) and ordered liberty. The founders used the word "liberty" in our documents for a reason - it was the kind of orderd freedom humans possess, as opposed to the mere "freedoms" that animals have [see Spalding, "We Still Hold These Truths."

    MLK was by no means perfect, but he is someone conservatives can look to as the kind of American who thought similarly to Washington about liberty being available to all.

  26. I think if MLK was alive and came to this gathering he would have raised hell.

  27. What on earth would be offensive about George Washington?

  28. I think it would greatly sadden Dr. King to see that his dream is still not a reality. If anything, these last 3 years have been a step backward.

  29. hello to all, let me entertain you on some often overlooked education, "Slavery" in america got it's start in the northern states via endentured (sp) servants. Not all "owners" beat or mistreated their "slaves" George Washington was the person chosen to represent this country during the fight for independance from England ( which was caused by taxation with out representation, and religous freedoms due to persecution for beliefs) Yes there are just as many ignorant whites as blacks in this country, but those of us who can sift through the bs and get the truth, we can make a difference, and we need to start with the educational system, family units, instead of crying about it people wake up and educate people and do something about it.
    oh i am not racist, i hate all stupidity, and there is no cure for it, except education.

  30. hi, i'm a marxist and had a question.

    why didn't they also put boards on the top and the back of the statue as well?

  31. Because the other boards are being used right now to prop up third world marxist dictators.

  32. Because it was just an arrogant publicity stunt. I would have covered him up completely. And cheaper with a black sheet.

    Instead, build half of it and make sure we get a lot of pictures to show how ignorant we really are.

  33. Hey, that plastic sheet is all that is keeping the rain off of some poor third world marxists hut.

  34. DAVE_A said... Eff you honkies. We didn't land on plymoff rock, plymoff rock landed on us

  35. Absolutely absurd, Dave_A

  36. Look out George, concealement is NOT cover....

  37. This boxing of the statute is part of a systematic program of White Genocide.

    First commit genocide against whites everywhere on the planet, by demanding they accept millions of people, that are not of their race until they are a minority and demand everyone "mix in", until there are no more whites.

    Then cover your crime by blotting out any evidence that they ever existed - the box is one of many.

  38. Are they that afraid of a statue?

  39. Wake up, white men! Of course, "those people" have no love or respect for the Father of the Country - which they correctly interpret to mean OUR COUNTRY, not theirs! We are in a racial cold war for control of America, and all the anti-racist nonsense is nothing more than propaganda meant to weaken white will, while the NWO traitors continue to "de-whiten" America by flooding us with unwanted and unnecessary Third World immigrants.


  40. If George had been alive, he would have bought them and had him doing his lawn.

    Maybe that's why they covered him?

  41. you have some backward ass racist ignorant people down there in North Carolina it seems. Well done NAACP. Guess you put our Founding Father at the back of the bus with that disgraceful act. Shame on you all.

  42. the mlk rally @ the sc state house steps is also in front of the civil war monument.

    if you click on the photo above to enlarge it you can see the civil war monument by the street. the confederate flag pole is behind the monument on the state house side. I can not verify if the confederate flag was still flying on this day. it looks like it is still there. how ironic if it is.

  43. If that don't beat all. Typical racist blacks.

  44. This is one of the things that is wrong with this country. Common stupidity has replaced common sense. Instead of assuming personal responsibility, too many people like to blame dead people, who are not reasponsible for people who wont get off their butts and act responsibly

  45. I wonder how the NAACP would feel if all MLK statues and street signs were covered up on Washington's birthday? Racism is alive and well in the United States thanks to racist organizations like the NAACP. Shame on the NAACP.

  46. A more perfect metaphor for what MLK Day is all about there could not be.

  47. Anyone "offended" by the presence of a statue of George Washington should leave the country today. Go to Saudi Arabia or North Korea or some wonderful place like that.

    We'll be just fine without you.

  48. Are these people Americans ?

  49. Slavery in America ended 146 years ago. That's 7 generations, give or take. Do you think they create and then take advantage of "white guilt"? :)

    Why doesn't anyone ever talk about the people who rounded the black folk up in Africa and sold them to the slave traders who then re-sold them all over the world? Do you think that America is the only place that had slaves at the time? Do you think that America was even the largest recipient of slaves coming from Africa?

    Go do a bit of research and figure out who was rounding these poor black folk up and selling them. Hint: It wasn't whitey. That's a part of "their" history that they fail to talk about.

    And while you're at it, check and see if it's still going on in Africa today.

    Just sayin' ;)

  50. This is more of their disgusting, disrespectful behavior. They are an absolute disgrace and embarrassment.

    This is a hate crime for which they should all be thrown in jail.

    A duplicitous bunch of useless idiots and thugs.

  51. In fact, the box was supposed to be a backdrop for speakers & display a graphic. Not to cover up George Washington.

    Took less than 1 minute to find the answer here people.

  52. Of course they say that now that there were caught. They are the only group that has done this before.

  53. Apparently none of you have worked in tv. It's simply covered because because it is directly behind the podium and the speaker would look a little odd with GW poking out of the speakers head....but believe whatever you want to believe.

  54. Treasonous behavior.

    American Africans enjoy a higher standard of living than Africans living anywhere in the world.

    Nothing, short of complete control & domination of the U.S., will satisfy these ungrateful buffoons.

  55. "Most State House rallies use the statue as an UNobstructed backdrop, including Saturday’s Stand Up for Life March and Rally."


    As you can clearly see, the statue is covered to provide a backdrop for the "King Day at the Dome" sign. It has been done this way in the past, and it was not covered up as any form of protest.

    Right wing conjecture and the echo chamber creating a story where there is none.


    Yes it was in the box, was meant to be a back drop to the speaker and not as an insult, This type of reporting that is based on promoting racial bigotry and hatred needs to stop.
    Wilber J

  58. Using this as a backdrop is BS. Go crawl back under the Communist Marxist rock from which you came.

    It has nothing to do with bigotry you idiot. It has to do with these thugs disrespecting our first President.

    Are you saying their hatred needs to stop. Yes it does . Enough is enough.

    Once again lamely blaming Conservatives for the actions of others. Total nutcases.

    Being a liberal is a mental disease for which there is not cure. Hopeless and pathetic.

    When all else fails, and they are failing, the race card gets recycled, but that is not working anymore either. It has been used, reused, recycled and abused. No one pays any attention to that trash anymore.

    Do go drink some more of your kool-aid you useless idiot.

  59. I was hoping that it WAS a Photoshop job. As a graphics expert I looked at it very carefully. It's not a fake. The NAACP should be ashamed. If a white group of ANY type gave a speech on government property and covered a statue of MLK or other Civil Rights leader, the howling would make your ears bleed.

  60. Poster "LEON HALLER" ~1/18/11 @ it right!!! Negroes are (as a general rule) incapable of advancing in a high-tech 21st century environment based on their "MERITS", as their average 75-85 IQ hinders them immensely...thus they require massive racial/social/economic/political skewing via the real tribal founders of the naacp (initially founded by jewish rabbi Stephen Wise...look it up) in order to compete intellectually!!!!

    Fear not White Men.....soon the jewish organized collapse of Western Civilization will render a level playing field. Go for the jew 1st, then the muds!!!!

  61. It's 2011 and a simple stage alteration conjurs up cries of the KKK and now the Nazis. Our species is doomed.....

  62. I had a conversation with some black friends today about this. In their words " The blacks that piss and moan about civil rights these days are of the same cloth as your average white liberal. The press loves oppressed minorities just like it loves Pelosi. We ain't all like that just like all white people ain't commie pinko fags"

    I agree

  63. I am ashamed..
    Washington fought for freedom..
    My great,great,great grand daddy fought for freedom....
    My great,great grand daddy fought for freedom...
    My great grand daddy fought for freedom....
    My grand daddy fought for freedom....
    My daddy fought for freedom......
    MLK walked a talked for freedom...
    with the NAACP and the ACLU feeding the enable masses, we will always be divided, and doomed ..

  64. The NAACP doesn't want "advancement" for colored people - they want "privilege".

    How is it that blatantly racist minority groups such as the NAACP, La Raza, Anti-Defamation League, etc. succeed in having socio-political clout but the all the majority people can muster is to beg anyone within earshot: "How come THEY can do it but if WE do it, we're racist?"

    I would offer that the reason that they can get away with these things is simple: they just do it, without regard to being called "a name". That's it - they just don't care.

    White people have been sufficiently inculcated with the fear of being called "a name" that they think will ostracize them from their friends, neighbors, and co-workers. It is so bad that oftentimes, White people will essentially apologize in advance for what they are about to say!

    How many times have you heard a White person (in mixed company) preface their remarks with something along the line of: "Well, I'm not racist or anything, but..." and then they speak their mind? Pretty pathetic, if you ask me. Non-Whites NEVER preface their opinions with such a 'disclaimer'.

    You've probably noticed on the internet what is going on in European countries with regards to muslims. Whites in those countries are terrified to speak out since in many of those countries "hate speech" laws will ensure the White speaking out will be either jailed or subjected to heavy fines. Oh, and they are always "sacked" from their jobs as well.

    Well, I don't think we're THAT far just yet but I believe it's high time Whites form a group that is unabashedly pro-White and begin to issue public releases on newsworthy items as they pertain to Whites.

    And it's important to reject ALL people who sport WWII Nazi imagery, KKK imagery or even talk demeaning about non-Whites. We're the White people - we can do this BETTER than the non-Whites can; we only have to lose the fear of being called..."a name".

  65. Niggers are disgusting creatures with no regard to anything but themselves.

  66. Washington was a slaveowner. Upon becoming Commander of the Army he prohibited blacks from serving, but later realized they would go to the British so then he allowed free blacks to serve. Washington was also an elitist, that there should be separation of people by class, that people are not born equal. But from the posts here its obvious to see prejudice alive and well.

  67. Here is a link to an informative video about a community which was built by black people who were not held back by white men like George Washington. This is the place where I believe the next MLK rally should be held.

  68. MLK's 'dream' was that he gets to stay living in white people's countries, white people's dream is that we get AWAY from the likes of MLK...

    Why aren't blacks demanding SEPARATISM since their constant cry is that whites are 'racist' - i.e. that we SIMPLY DON'T WANT THEM AROUND US?

  69. I was at a Tea Party rally on April 15, 2009 at that exact same spot and the statue wasn't covered or boxed up. The idea expressed here that it was covered so as not to distract the crowd is utterly ridiculous. By the way, the monument behind the crowd near the street is the Confederate Memorial where the battle flag flies since its removal from the Capitol Dome-- for those of you commenting here who have never been to this beautiful location personally.

  70. ^^^Oh the irony lol

  71. You guys are real DINGDONGS and your deductions show how narrow minded and simple spirited (not to say dumb)you people really are.

    George Washington was a slave owner for most of his life.

    At the age of eleven, he inherited ten slaves;[1] by the time of his death there were 316 slaves at Mount Vernon, including 123 owned by Washington, 40 leased from a neighbor,

    And this is not enough for you retards to understand why the NAACP didn't want it there.

    SO WHAT !? stop complaining and get a brain morons.

  72. These people do not have the slightest care about humanity and helping all people as a whole. They only focus on negativity, racism, and finding new methods of bringing out race in all subject matters. If you are offended by one of the greatest founding fathers who has literally shaped the outcome of our entire nation, then you are a disgrace to America and do not deserve to be here.

  73. Linked here too

    I love how Dr. King's message of unity and equality means neither unity or equality any more.

  74. George Washington was pedophile, and rapist of under age black girls as well as murderer of Native Americans guilty of the theft of the lands of the indigenous...the world will be better off forgetting about this murderous, thieving pedophile.

  75. The NAACP is a joke. MLK was a socialist and a joke as well.

  76. Yeah but our picket was keeping an eye on 'em!


  77. I think that if they don't want to see George and what he stands for, they should just pack up and leave us alone. Go somewhere else and see how well they have it there.

  78. The main contribution of the white race is war, pestilence, chaos and confusion...the Kemites had high civilization 10,000 yrs ago and since the introduction of the relentless negativity of the caucasoid its been downhill over since...Maat will be re-established in the near future, ushering in a new golden age...bereft of the soulless and inhumane members of the white race permitting restoration of universal law free from interference of the more devilish members of the white race...

  79. This entire conversation makes me sad.

    The fact that Washington was covered does not mean that the NAACP did it intentionally due to repressed hatred for the man because he was a slave owner. The fact that there are legitimate reasons for the fact that Washington was partially covered should exonerate the NAACP from being all the nasty things that have been said about them here.

    You all just want to hate & say hateful things & vent but the NAACP isn't doing anything against you. If you believe they are, then I'm sad for you.

    George Washington was the father of our country & a great man for his time. In his time owning slaves was what was done. His family was wealthy. They had a farm. Owning slaves was how Virginians grew and harvested their crops. The slaves were owned & not paid & all of the super horrible things that happened to slaves. George Washington did not own slaves because he hated black people. In fact, I believe he freed his slaves in his will (upon the death of his wife).

    There is a significant amount of racial intolerance and ignorance inside of & outside of minority communities. This void is what organizations like the NAACP and La Raza aim to fill. For each of the horrible things that you people think that these organizations represent, there are hundreds of thousands of people who's lives have been made better by them. Not made better by entitlement but by opportunity.

    For example if any of you read a book, you would have the opportunity to know that the crap you're spewing is hurtful, hateful, unproductive, regressive and stupid.

    Opportunity served.

    Here's another one - go to the library. Check out a book on Dr. King and on George Washington. Learn something about them, what they stood for, how they navigated and changed the world around them.

  80. Anonymous at 7:54 needs to take his own advice and read a book, but not just any book on history -- read the books written before the politically correct doctrine began to control everything we are taught. If you read material that is not pure propaganda, you will see that the two men are not on a par with each other.

    I urge everybody to read something other than what you read in the mass media. Read old history books. Read Thomas E. Woods' 'Politically Incorrect History.'

    Anonymous above says he is 'saddened', well so am I, that so many conservatives believe the liberal propaganda.
    Think for yourselves, and trust older sources, not today's biased nonsense.
    - anonymous too

  81. don't get so upset. it's just a way
    to get the the headlines by a childlike
    group . you know the national armadillo
    and possum breeders , are just a anti-
    white hategroup run by mentally challenged
    individuals . like kris , they believe
    fables, longing for a history , rather
    than a tarzan movie .

  82. Hiding things does not change the way they are, so Covering Washington's statue only shows their ignorance. The way I see it, if you don't like the statue, you should hold your meeting about on your own property? AND I bet they didn't know that Washing had over 300 slaves emancipated (freed)after his wife's death. Honestly their hatred of those times should be directed more so to the Africans who sold their own people into slavery. Either way that was in the past and should not be forgotten but should be forgiven. Why would one dwell on events that didn't happen to them and that have already been remedied. We all have a better life now, let's not dwell so much on the past and start looking towards a brighter future!

  83. If you really want to honor Dr. King then maybe we should all go to work and remember what he really gave his life for. He did not stand against a race, he stood for unity. Owning slaves may be wrong now but in that time it was not a crime and has led to many African-Americans that have full American citizenship now. Would the slaves have been better off staying in Africa, where they would have been mistreated and sold to another country, or did things turn out for the best? You decide.

  84. I sure hope that ANON 644 and ANON 754 realize what the grand chess-masters have in store for them when they are no longer useful.

    Here is some reading for them and for other interested parties:

    INVISIBLE VICTIMS: WHITE MALES AND THE CRISIS OF AFFIRMATIVE ACTION by Frederick R. Lynch / Documents what has been done to destroy the Caucasian male and Western Civilization in the United States.

    MY AWAKENING by David Duke / Discusses a great many issues that are dragging down the advancement of civil society, a must-read no matter what your skin color may be.

    THE PRINCIPLE OF MATERIAL INTEREST by Osman Bey / Not the real title, that is too incendiary, but the astute reader might be able to track it down online. If he or she does, they will find the entire enslavement game plan spelled out clearly.

    Now excuse me; I have to go and cook some roadkill possum...

  85. I would venture to suggest that Reverend King would have condemned the flagrant disrespect the NAACP displays toward those representing America's endeavors to a peaceful, respectful and honest civilization. The unreputable character of men and women who have committed to living an upright life, volunteering in their communities and serving our country have taken a slap in the face from the NAACP on this one . . . it's not easy to offer the other cheek, but we must. Martin Luther King, as I understand his vision, would'nt have been offended by the NAACP's effort to obscure an honorable man's memorial; he would have said: "Forgive them, for they know not what they do". Rev. King was a man of faith, a believer in the Lord - the NAACP should listen to some of his speeches. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People - really? Martin Luther King said: "It's not the color of a man, but the content of his character that matters". The character of a man HAS NO COLOR. . .

  86. one of the brain surgeons on this topic actually posted the following: "As you can clearly see, the statue is covered to provide a backdrop for the "King Day at the Dome" sign. It has been done this way in the past, and it was not covered up as any form of protest."
    Yeah right.."clearly"! Sttupid apologist ahole.

  87. Don't those idiots at the NAACP know what their own boycott is? They aren't even supposed to be in SC, let alone trashing up the grounds of our state house. WE LIKE YOUR BOYCOTT!

  88. this fool Kris invokes MAAT...i suggest that there is not a single black man under the age of 50 in the entire country who could read the 42 Negative Pledges of MAAT and not be convicted.
    not one, including you, Kris.

  89. Y'all racist honkies looky here:

    Dat Washington be bad.


  90. I have one question..Why have we as the American people allowed this to take place? Why did someone not stop this slander! We, the American people and I guess I must say, WHITE people have allowed this to take place! They have no rights to do this!

  91. How offensive! Some unifier Obama has been, huh?

  92. The white honky European male slave owner had it coming. (Just kidding) - I saw a picture of the box from the front and it was not used to "hang a banner" as one article said. There was nothing on the front, so the box was solely to cover up The Mutha of Our Country.

  93. Well there ought to be a law against it......and if there isn't, why aren't lawmakers in SC and other states making one? This should NEVER happen again!

  94. they just didn't want him eavesdropping.
    he might learn secret recipe for souse meat.

  95. The blacks are always complaining about us Whites being racist. Well, imho, it is the blacks that keep bringing up the racist problems. Then they complain when we do something. They keep the racist theme going so they can have something to bitch about.
    I say BAN THEM.

  96. "oh i am not racist, i hate all stupidity, and there is no cure for it, except education." is the greatest quote ever. Now heres what I think would work for those who dont like this country there should be a govt program that pays for you and your loved ones a one way ticket to move to any other country you want paid in full One RULE you CAN NOT EVER COME BACK... That would be cheaper than welfare THINK ABOUT IT

  97. send them back to there homes... n/c

  98. Alvereda King article

    My grandfather, Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr., or “Daddy King”, was a Republican and father of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who was a Republican. Daddy King influenced a reported 100,000 black voters to cast previously Republican votes for Senator Kennedy even though Kennedy had voted against the 1957 Civil Rights Law. Mrs. King had appealed to Kennedy and Nixon to help her husband, and Nixon who had voted for the 1957 Civil Rights Law did not respond. At the urging of his advisors, Kennedy made a politically calculated phone call to Mrs. King, who was pregnant at the time, bringing the attention of the nation to Dr. King’s plight. Moved by Mrs. King’s gratitude for Senator Kennedy’s intervention, Daddy King was very grateful to Senator Kennedy for his assistance in rescuing Dr. King, Jr. from a life threatening jail encounter. This experience led to a black exodus from the Republican Party. Thus, this one simple act of gratitude caused black America to quickly forget that the Republican Party was birthed in America as the antislavery party to end the scourge of slavery and combat the terror of racism and segregation. They quickly forgot that the Democratic Party was the party of the Ku Klux Klan. Banished from memory was the fact that the Democratic Party fought to keep blacks in slavery and in 1894 overturned the civil rights laws of the 1860’s that had been passed by Republicans, after the Republicans also amended the Constitution to grant blacks freedom, citizenship and the right to vote. Forgotten was the fact that it was the Republicans who started the HBCU’s and the NAACP to stop the Democrats from lynching blacks. Into the dust bin of history was tossed the fact that it was the Republicans led by Republican Senator Everett Dirksen who pushed to pass the civil rights laws in 1957, 1960, 1964, 1965 and 1968. Removed from memory are the facts that it was Republican President Dwight Eisenhower who sent troops to Arkansas to desegregate schools, established the Civil rights commission in 1958, and appointed Chief Justice Early Warren to the U.S. Supreme Court which resulted in the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision ending school segregation. Meanwhile Democrats in Congress were still fighting to prevent the passage of new civil rights laws that would overturn those discriminatory Black Codes and Jim Crow laws that had been enacted by Democrats in the South. There would have been no law for President Lyndon Johnson to sign in 1964 had it not been for the Republicans breaking the Democrats’ filibuster of the law and pushing to have that landmark legislation enacted. No one batted an eye when President Kennedy opposed the 1963 March on Washington by Dr. King. Hardly a ripple of protest was uttered when President Kennedy, through his brother Attorney General Robert Kennedy, had Dr. King wiretapped and investigated on suspicion of being a Communist. Little attention was paid to the fact that it was a Democrat, Public Safety Commissioner Eugene “Bull” Conner, who in 1963 turned dogs and fire hoses on Dr. King and other civil rights protestors. No one noted that it was a Democrat, Georgia Governor Lester Maddox, who waved ax handles to stop blacks from patronizing his restaurant. Nor was heed paid to the fact that it was a Democrat, Alabama Governor George Wallace, who stood in front of the Alabama schoolhouse in 1963 and thundered: “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.” None of those racist Democrats became Republicans. During this time of turmoil, completely forgotten was the fact that it was Democrat Arkansas Governor Orville Faubus who in 1954 had blocked desegregation of a Little Rock public school. To their eternal shame, the chief opponents of the landmark 1964 Civil Rights Act were Democrats Senators Sam Ervin, Albert Gore, Sr. and Robert Byrd, a former Klansman. All of the racist
    Democrats that Dr. King was fighting remained Democrats until the day
    they died. How can anyone today think that Dr. King would have joined the party of the KKK?


  100. you crackers need to get a clue... GW owned slaves... and if we need to be shipped back to our motherland u jerks need to go back to Europe and leave the country to the Native Americans...

  101. Here's a link to Channel 7 [7 on your Side] video of the event - showing (with no comment) the box hiding G. Washington and discussing the NAACP's ongoing attempt to be rid of the Confederate flag.

  102. I guess Abraham Lincoln who was caucasian and freed the black man from slavery somehow has been overlooked by them!!! Maybe we should put Abe's statue up there instead of George. hmmmm

  103. There is no excuse for blocking the view of George Washington the man acknowledged by history as "The Father of Our Country." If that rubs some who would re-write history the wrong way then tough. The NAACP continues to look for feel good issues that do nothing to actually help their people. They wanted the Confederate flag was moved. Still not good enough for the parasites than run the NAACP. So still they whine, "move it again."

    And they really showed their lack of reality with their laughable boycott of Myrtle Beach. How has that worked out? Have you busted Myrtle Beach yet?
    Ask the Black Bikers Association.

  104. Where's the famous statue of Coretta King squatting down & pissing in the streets for Civil Rights Legacy??....After all, this is the NAACP (Niggers Are All Colored People) Rally!!
    ....Besides, this statue was sculpted after an original Ku Klux Klan picture taken of Coretta pissing on Madison Avenue in Memphis the night before Martin Luther Coon was wonderfully shot!

  105. NAACP-Niggers Are Always Causing Problems. We should have NEVER let them off of the plantation. Boy do we know better now. Niggers. Offended by everything. I am offended by their existence. White Southern Solidarity.

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  107. Whitey has always been stupid. Why else would you enslave those people where you have to feed 20 of them to get the job of one person done??

  108. What a sad commentary. Since the election of our first "black" president, race relations have deterioriated shamefully. And the only people who really seem to care...or even to notice...are white.

  109. Do the niggers plan on covering the Washington Monument for the upcoming Fartin Looter Koon boon-fest in D.C.?

  110. Banished from memory was the fact that the Democratic Party fought to keep blacks in slavery and in 1894 overturned the civil rights laws of the 1860’s that had been passed by Republicans, after the Republicans also amended the Constitution to grant blacks freedom, citizenship and the right to vote.

  111. TexasButternut

    Statehouse statues can’t be obscured

    COLUMBIA — A state agency is clamping down nine months after complaints about the NAACP boxing in a statue of George Washington at its annual King Day at the Dome rally on the Statehouse steps.

    People requesting to use the Statehouse for events now have to read and acknowledge state Budget and Control Board rules that say they can’t obscure visibility or access to any part of the Statehouse grounds or its monuments.

    The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People erected a three-panel backdrop around the Washington statue on the Statehouse steps. The civil rights group said at the time it was there only as a backdrop and not intended as an affront to Washington. Its annual Statehouse rallies are part of a decade-long protest of the Confederate flag that flies there.

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