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Jefferson Davis Leaves Vicksburg, MS for Montgomery, AL to assume the Presidency of the Confederacy Saturday Feb.12, 2011

Gentlemen SCV:

Attached you will find a preliminary itinerary for the Mississippi Division WBTS Sesquicentennial Kick-off event to be held at the Old Courthouse Museum in Vicksburg, MS Feb.12, 2011. We need to make this a maximum effort event to not only begin our Sesquicentennial celebrations and remembrances but to also show the world that we are still proud of who we are and where we come from.

It makes a bigger impact with 200 people than it does with 20, so please make your plans to be there to honor our history and celebrate the beginning of "OUR" Presidents journey to Montgomery, AL in 1861. Bring your wives and children to see and hear Jefferson Davis give his first speech of what would be a long journey, and one that would not see him return to his home for nearly seven years.

We ask that you strictly adhere to the uniform guidelines as set forth below so that we may present this period of our history as accurately as possible to the public. We are asking that only Bonnie Blue, Magnolia, or First National flags be brought, not out of political correctness, but because at the time for which we are celebrating the Battle-flag had not yet come into existence and therefore would not be authentic for this event. As well there should be no confederate uniforms, only militia or civilian dress as there was no confederate army at this time. If you cannot follow the uniform guidelines simply come as a civilian or in modern dress as a spectator and wear your SCV badges proudly.

You will also have time to enjoy one of the finest Historical Museums in the country and tour historic downtown Vicksburg incuding the Louisiana CSA Monument erected in honor of her troops who served at the Seige of Vicksburg. Of course the Vicksburg National Military Park welcomes you as well !

12:30pm Militia Troops gather for drill and instruction.
1:00pm Civilian Spectators gather to line walkway at the Vicksburg Old Courthouse Museum
Music from Period Band
2:00pm Jefferson Davis arrives by Period Carraige joined by Mayor and Militia Escort
Welcome speech by the Mayor
Jefferson Davis Speech
Reception for all in the Old Courthouse Museum

Dress for re-enactors:
All type civilian outfits, male, female, and children.
Militia: Prewar militia, including 3-band rifles, 2-band Mississippi rifles, flintlocks, or shotguns, with black/buff early war accoutrements. NO OFFICER OR NCO SYMBOLS OR STRIPES--all officers to be appointed that day. NO CSA BUTTONS OR BELT PLATES---plain, pre war eagle, federal or militia belt plates acceptable. NO CSA Uniforms including Columbus Depot jackets--civilian frock or sack coats or militia overshirts (RED PREFERRED) acceptable. Federal Sky-blue or Civilian trousers acceptable. Straw or slouch hats, wheel hats, tri-corner, federal forage caps all acceptable. Ribbon Cockades ENCOURAGED, they were order of the day ! We hope to see all of the Louisiana Division there.

God Bless the SCV
Alan Palmer
Lt. Commander MS Div SCV

Confederate Heritage Rally 2011-February 19th- Noon-State Capitol- Montgomery, Alabama

Via Bill

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