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League of the South Tornado Relief

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10 May 2011

League of the South Tornado Relief

As of 9 May, the LS national office had raised approximately $6000 in efforts to relieve the victims of the recent tornadoes. Currently, the LS has efforts underway in north and central Alabama, northwest Georgia, east Tennessee, and are looking to help out in east Mississippi and southwest Virginia. Once delivery logistics are worked out in these areas, the League will begin making deliveries.

LS President Michael Hill and wife Sara have been purchasing supplies for delivery runs they are making themselves – including to the little town of Phil Campbell in Franklin Co. Alabama -- a particularly hard-hit town of about 1,200 souls (about 24 of whom were killed by an EF5 tornado with winds in excess of 210 mph). Later this week, God willing, Michael will make another run into Marion County and Marshall County, Alabama.

The League views this tornado relief as a long-term effort as it will take months (and in some cases, years) for these folks to get their lives and property back in order. Often the relief effort is strong at first but wanes after a few weeks, but the LS will pace itself and be there for the long haul in the small towns and rural areas that most need help. All those who have received aid from us are very appreciative. Sara Hill made labels that go on everything distributed that read

"From your neighbors in The League of the South--www.dixienet.org."

Please continue to send what you can for these important relief efforts. Mail your contributions to:

League of the South

Tornado Relief Fund

POB 760

Killen, AL 35645

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