Saturday, May 21, 2011

Is this the inexpensive militia tactical command net radio we've been looking for?

Militia fire-team and squad radios, to the extent that most folks can afford, are GMRS/FRS hand-held "family" sets. On the border with the Minutemen in October 2005, we used these with an antenna range "booster" which consisted of nothing more than a a length of copper wire coiled at the base for attachment to the existing stub antenna. With ear buds and external mics they can be made into a reasonable tool for tactical communication. The problem has been, of course, range. With a capable command set of greater capability and range these can be made into a decent tactical net. The problem has been affordability. I'm not a radio geek by a long shot, but this looks promising:


  1. I have purchased one of these about three weeks ago. I use it for our County search and rescue. It seems to work fine for me as we have a net control RV that is able to keep in touch with us for about 2-4 miles simplex( I'm guessing). Being very new to this world I found it quite easy to program. and have since setup a station at the home 20. The price of the wouxon UV2D is IMO Very affordable. My $.02