Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Governors: No Partnership With Communist China!

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It doesn't make sense. Our economy is a shambles because our industry has been driven to China by high taxes and myriad regulations. As a result China has accumulated hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars by selling us products that we formerly made. Now Communist-Chinese-run corporations are showing up in the U.S. to buy up land and natural resources, and establish businesses. And, what's frightening about all of this is that many of our governors are salivating over the potential for Chinese investments in their states to the extent that they are considering establishing multi-faceted partnerships with their communist Chinese counterparts to expedite these developments.

Grassroots concern over these budding partnerships between U.S. governors and Communist Chinese officials is increasing as the first U.S.-China Governors Forum convenes in conjunction with an annual meeting of the National Governors Association in Salt Lake City July 15-17.

Read "U.S.-China Governors Forum: Not All Sweetness & Harmony" by William F. Jasper to learn the details of this new initiative between our U.S. governors and their Chinese communist counterparts that was set up by President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton earlier this year.

Art Thompson, CEO of The John Birch Society has sent an open letter to all 50 governors urging them not to participate in the U.S.-China Governors Forum in Salt Lake City later this week.

Take a good look at the world-famous image above of the freedom-loving Chinese man facing down a whole column of tanks in Tiananmen Square in 1989. Do you want your governor participating in a forum designed to develop continuously deepening partnerships with officials in the same Communist Party that sent the tanks to Tiananmen Square?

Time is short. The U.S.-China Governors Forum begins on this Friday, July 15. Phone and/or email your governor and ask him or her to boycott the forum. In short, tell them: "No Partnership With Communist China!"


Your friends at The John Birch Society

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