Tuesday, August 2, 2011

They’re traitors.


The Fall of the House

by David Yeagley · August 2, 2011

It is the fall of the House, and the Senate. The “debt crisis” has been going on for months in Congress, and BadEagle.com has said nothing about it. Now that the United States Congress, both the House and the Senate, with the illegal signature of the illegal traitor in the Oval Office, have all demonstrated their anti-American values, I think it is appropriate to say just a word.

They’re traitors.

Gabriel Giffords, Democrat Congressman from Arizona,
magically appeared to vote “Yes,” and to celebrate
with her colleagues the end of America.

But not all. Michele Bachmann stands at the helm of those Tea Party patriots, and she voted “no” on the debt deal, having been against it from the beginning, based on principle. She even voted “no” on Cut, Cap, and Balance–because it was inadequate. Opponents of the debt deal have been demonized, but they are the only true Americans when it comes to very basic, constitutional principles. Among talk show hosts, Mark Levin was first to call this debt “compromise” deal what it is–complete failure of constitutional principle. Rush Limbaugh has certainly dramatized the failure of the Congress. He calls it fear. Republicans fear being blamed, being criticized, being called names. Republicans are cowards. Never mind their principles–which most of them compromise at the slightest challenge, rather than be criticized.

Michele Bachmann, the Tea Party representative in DC, one
of the few who votes from principle, not for political advantage.

Talkers like Laura Ingraham pride themselves on “compromise” as being better than nothing. They base their decision on myopic party moves, or political strategy, not principle. But, part of a principle is not that principle. The principle is compromised, therefore nullified completely. Politics, however, is all about compromise these days. Republicans are politicians–and very, very weak ones at that.

Laura Ingraham, who condemned
Michele Bachmann for not compromising.

Hat tip to TheRightScoop.com

There is no point in lauding “compromise” or “reaching across the isle” when it means the sinking of American economy, and thus destroying the nation. There is nothing honorable in “yielding” place to the enemy, Republican of Democrat. Republicans have failed. The Tea Party just isn’t quite large enough to prevail, yet.

This entire debt crisis was fabricated–by the Democrats and their leaders, with the cooperation of Republican leaders. It was artificial from the beginning, like every other “crisis” Black Barry has created since he false swore to be “president.” It’s all about ruining America through economic chaos. That is the Communist playbook plan, well articulated by Sol Alinksky and demonstrated by the Cloward-Pivens initiatives–all plainly exposed in The Shadow Party (2006), by Richard Poe and David Horowitz. Poe has appeared on Glenn Beck programs many times talking about all this.

Washington is now political Hollywood. It’s all scripted and theatrical. It’s all about recesses, vacations, and appearances. This is where the “deadlines” come from. They fraudulently create “crises” dates, based on their own personal and political convenience.

And it’s about ‘us versus them,’ or, the governors versus the governed. The irony is that we elect them–the governors. Only they weren’t elected to govern. They were elected to represent us, we the people. WE, the people, are the governors. It is government ‘by the people.’

Washington is a diseased place. They that go there, with rare exception, become diseased. They are infected within weeks after arriving. I think it’s called bribery. They are controlled by senior congressmen, lobbyists, etc., and they are generally bought off. The disease is called money.

The scripted artifice and vomitable effrontery was most triumphant when Gabriel Giffords made her first appearance on the floor of Congress after she was shot last January. She came the moment the House passed the death sentence on the American economy. She came to celebrate the victory. This glorious appearance was supposed to congratulate the comprise, and award all those who had struggled so hard to destroy the economy.

BadEagle.com has spoken in behalf of Gabriel Giffords from the day she was shot. Out of pure human sympathy, we have supported her, prayed for her, and encouraged those caring for her to buoy up her spirits with faith. We have waited patiently for some sign of gratitude to God on her behalf. We have heard nothing, from any quarter. And now she makes a perfectly timed appearance to celebrate the demise of America. Shall we put two and two together?

And they’re calling Senator Harry Read, senate majority leader, “Leader Read.” This is a distinct echo of Nazi Germany. They called Hitler der Fürher, “the leader.” Leader Read. Fürher Read. Incredibly obvious. How blatant can they be? Media trends, is that what we’re to wright it off as? Nazi Germany was a media trend, in the beginning.

The Tea Party will have to make another giant effort for this 2012 election. For now, says Limbaugh, “We’re living in a ponzi scheme.”
Democrats continue to demonize wealth–wealth that the Democrats want to control that is, and, as Führer Read says the government will now continue to pursue the wealthy, to tax them, to redistribute wealth, and to create larger government, and to make more and more people dependent on the government.

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