Friday, September 9, 2011

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 09-08-11


Injustice Everywhere

  • In a disturbing update to a report we covered yesterday, New York NY police are being accused of lying about what happened when an undercover cop fatally shot an unarmed man who saw the officer attacking a neighbor. A lawyer for the man’s family claims that video and witness statements are contradicting police claims that the man choked the officer, instead he claims he mearly positioned himself between the two men to stop the fighting when he was shot. That lawyer also claims that a female relative, who happens to be a nurse, was arrested and assaulted when she tried to stop the man’s bleeding. [5]
  • Toronto ON cops are being accused of racial profiling and false arrest when they stopped a black man because of his limp then arrested him on allegations he assaulted an officer by pushing him with his right arm…. an arm that has been paralyzed ever since he suffered a stroke which also caused his limp. [4]
  • US Border Patrol settled a suit for $850k to the family of an illegal immigrant who was fatally shot by that agent in the desert. That agent was charged with murder over the incident but both trials ended in hung juries which prompted prosecutors to drop the charges. [0]
  • Coon Rapids MN now-former cop was arrested on allegations that he repeatedly molested a young boy from the age of 6 until he was 13 while before he retired [0]
  • Norton KS police officer received a diversionary sentence deal that will ultimately clear his record if he doesn’t get into trouble again after he was originally charged for raping 2 women. The prosecutor insists such a deal for a felony offense is normal. [0]
  • Atlanta GA Citizen’s Review Board is alleging that they have documented a disturbing pattern of illegal strip searches and body cavity searches performed in public by police, including at least one incident where an underage teen’s genitals were groped. [3]
  • Chicago IL cop at center of the SOS corruption scandal has been sentenced to 12yrs for his role in the robberies of suspected dealers and innocent people as well as his plot to kill a cop he thought helped with the investigation against them. [0]
  • BART CA police are accused of detaining & arresting dozens of people who were inside their designated “free speech area” during a protest at a station. Those detained or arrested apparently included protesters, journalists & students alike. [0]
  • Palm Beach Co FL settles suit for $600k to man & his son allegedly arrested on false felony charges by 2 deputies [0]
  • Boynton Beach FL “cop of the year” allegedly fled country to Brazil after arrested for selling over 500g of meth [0]
  • US Mint police officer pleads guilty to stealing $2.4mil worth of error coins that he then sold to coin dealer [0]
  • Niagara Region ON police officer charged w/assault in off-duty altercation involving female cop & security guard [1]
  • Monroeville OH cop charged w/disorderly conduct for beating a Huron Co deputy he caught w/his wife at his home [0]
  • Hartford CT police investigate traffic stop that resulted in unwarranted towing of state treasurer’s state-owned car [0]
  • Revere MA cop pleads guilty to lying to the FBI in sting operation where he accepted $200 bribe (Via MassCopBlock) [0]
  • Catoosa OK police chief resigns after placed on admin leave for unspecified reasons officials refuse to disclose [3]
  • Montesano WA police chief sentenced to 6mo jail for using police dept credit cards for personal purchases [0]
  • New Orleans LA police captain sentenced to 11yrs 4mo on wire fraud conviction for his role in kickback scheme [0]
  • US ATF guns from failed Fast & Furious program connected w/another violent crime, 2 charged w/agg assault of cops [0]
  • Campbell Co TN chief deputy fired over unspecified connection to deputy’s firing for crashing into a home off duty [3]
  • 2 Montezuma GA cops & an Oglethorpe GA cop charged w/burglary on allegations they vandalized a home in Alabama [0]
  • Franklin Twp NJ cop pleads to record tampering charge for stealing $11k via falsified timesheets & pay records [0]
  • St Louis MO police sued by ACLU in effort to enforce ruling requiring city to release records about ticket scandal [4]

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