Saturday, September 10, 2011

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 09-09-11


Injustice Everywhere

  • Clarksburg WV cop was fired & indicted for battery & neglect of an incapacitated adult over an on-duty videotaped altercation shown above. [0]
  • Aransas Pass TX police are accused of beating & tasing a man in an apparent case of mistaken ID then planting drugs in order to cover for it, this according to sworn statements by several witnesses to the incident. [5]
  • Evergreen AL cop suspended pending possible firing for allegedly tasering woman after she was strapped into a restraint chair then laughing about it with other officers [0]
  • Chicago IL cops are being sued by a man who lost everything after he was tasered & peppersprayed during his arrest that resulted in him being jailed for 8mo before he was finally acquitted [3]
  • Detroit MI cop accused of beating & pistol whipping a man so badly while off duty at a teen girl’s party that an environmental cleanup crew had to be called to clean up all the blood. [3]
  • Philadelphia PA cop says he’ll keep being aggressive despite being the subject of 9 complaints, 2 suits & 3 brutality findings in 4yrs [0]
  • Washington Twp NJ cop arrested for hit & run accident that left seriously injured man laying in a parking lot [0]
  • Miami-Dade FL cop shoots family’s dog to death in their own backyard after he was warned not to go there by a neighbor while the officer was responding to a false burglar alarm [0]
  • Santa Fe NM sheriff sentenced to 3mo jail for stealing $75k worth of equipment from dept & selling it on eBay [0]
  • Eureka CA cop sentenced to probation in plea deal for felony heroin possession, vandalism & DMV record disclosures [0]
  • Palisades Park NJ cop fired over alleged on-duty affair w/borough employee & violent dispute with his wife [0]
  • Portland OR police sgt who used to head the police union is fired over 2 separate road rage incidents involving same woman [0]
  • Poughkeepsie NY cop pleads guilty to 3 felony charges for compromising drug investigations in exchange for cocaine [0]
  • Chicago IL cop who was arrested for DUI allegedly told his arresting officers “some day you could be real police officers like me” [0]

Cop In Transgender Shooting Had Record Of Alcohol Abuse, Violence

How does a cop with multiple incidents of alcohol fueled misconduct stay on the job for 20+ years? It’s a good question, and one that many people are asking in the wake of a recent late-night incidence of extreme violence, wherein veteran Washington D.C. Police Officer Kenneth Furr wound up standing on the hood of his Cadillac firing his service weapon into a car full of transgender women he’d just rammed into, screaming “I’m gonna kill all of you!” 3 people were injured, and one suffered multiple severe gunshot wounds in the attack. Furr blew a .15 BAC a full 5 hours after the incident, and was arrested on suspicion of DWI. He has since been ordered to stand trial for assault, though not the more serious but obviously appropriate charge of attempted murder. The good news is, he is being held without bond, so he will stay in jail until his next court appearance, due to the judge’s decision that based upon his record and the circumstances of the case, he presents a clear and present danger to society at large.

As I’m sure you’ve probably already guessed, Officer Furr has not yet been fired from his job, he’s on “on administrative leave while the case was reviewed by internal affairs,” and will likely be represented by counsel provided at the police union’s expense.


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