Friday, November 25, 2011

Comment on: Liberalism must cause cancer of the brain

Good Lord! Liberalism must cause cancer of the brain
Sadly, this person is a typical example of her urban sub-culture/demographic.

I'm willing to bet (~90% odds) that she was raised by a "single mother" (if not by some other female relative). She likely lived in "subsidized housing" and received the full complement of "entitlements", and knows no relative who is self-sufficient. Instead, she's been steeped in a culture of dependency, where "success" is measured in ensuring one takes advantage of all "entitlements" for which one may be marginally eligible.

Clearly the product of public schools, she is also the first person in her family history to go to "college." Most of her "college" career thus far has consisted of remedial courses, as she most likely tests at a level several years behind what would be expected of a genuine "high-school graduate." Further, the odds are overwhelming that her "college" is little more than a diploma-mill which would not even exist but for Federal "entitlement" spending programs intended to provide education to the dependent-class. These programs excel at reaping the payments, but sadly provide little real education, and mostly serve to plant the seeds of bitterness when the student later finds their "degree" isn't worth the paper it's printed on to most employers.

The PRIMARY goal of her prior "education" has however unquestionably been met: She's possessed of an EXTREMELY high level of "self-esteem" and FEELS **ESPECIALLY** proud of her "accomplishments" thus far.

Even more sadly, as she most adeptly demonstrated, the only thing more well-developed than her sense of "pride" or "self-esteem" is her sense of entitlement. She wants to be "a director" and thus she has no doubt that a job will be given to her when she wants it.

One cannot blame her for this erroneous feeling - after all, for as long as she can remember, all her needs - and those of everyone she knows - have been met by Uncle Sugar.

Assuming she continues with her "college" through "graduation", without succumbing to the multi-generational cycle of unwed pregnancy, poverty and dependency which typifies her source demography, she will most likely join the ever-growing mass of those angry and bitter at being "cheated." The pimps and hustlers (the Sharptons, Jacksons and Shabazzes) who prey upon such folk will soon have her blaming "the white man" for "keeping us down" and she'll likely spend the rest of her days inculcating this errant "philosophy" to her children and grandchildren.

In an earlier time, she'd have had a ~90% chance of growing up in a 2-parent household. She'd have watched her Father (if not BOTH parents) go to work each day. They would likely have attended church each Sunday, and been steeped in Christian values. She would have been taught the value of education by parents who would have ensured she really learned what she was being taught in a school which actually educated its charges.

More importantly, she would have been instilled with a work-ethic which would have taught that it's OK to be poor, but it's NOT OK to be shiftless, and that dependency is absolutely unacceptable. While her economic circumstances may have been equivalent - barely above the poverty line - most of the people she knew would have been raised in similar homes where they learned similar values.

When she and her peers demonstrated to demand their "rights" they were seeking equality of OPPORTUNITY. They were demanding - as Dr. King so eloquently stated - to be judged by the content of their character, and allowed to make their own way in the world without handicap.

Her education - though likely in a segregated school - would have taught her more useful knowledge by the end of High School than she'll have by the time she finishes her current "college" program.
Given her apparent intellectual capacity/abilities, she'd likely have been placed in a course of "vocational" study which would have prepared her for a career in a service or manufacturing field, along with which she'd also have been taught the basics of "home economics" and "parenting." She'd have left High School fully equipped to take her place as a productive member of our society. More importantly, she'd have left her parents' home with a moral foundation demanding she work for her daily bread and abhor "handouts."

In short, she would have been a "proud black woman" because she EARNED everything she had. She would have been possessed of GENUINE SELF-ESTEEM, which would have made it far easier to resist the corrupting influences of drugs and dependency.

Though I find the realities of segregation as it was to be abhorrent, it's even MORE disgusting to think that millions of people have been robbed of education, family, career, self-sufficiency and self-esteem, given over to shiftlessness, hopelessness and violence -- but convinced they're better off today because they can sit anywhere and drink from whatever water-fountain they please.

As easy as it is to ridicule this woman, the sick, sad fact is that she should be pitied.

God help us -- and GOD SAVE OUR REPUBLIC!

Dedicated Dad

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