Sunday, November 13, 2011

Here's hoping (There'll always be a cowboy)

I ran across this song early this AM, and it set me to thinkin', though I am American Indian for the most part 5/8 last time I ciphered was more than half lol, I have always considered the Warren side of the family cowboys. Take in consideration all the years in OK, TX, CO, AZ, that my clan has migrated from the East westward, all the years working relentless days and nights in the oil patch, from 1897 still and to this day over 60 members of my family still work the oil fields. Amazing to me.
My ancestors broke horses with only a hemp rope, my grandpa Warren not only worked the oil fields when the derricks were made of wood (I believe you made mention of that on your blog) he also road the semi pro rodeo circuit as a bare back Bronk rider, and then when he thought he was too old for that he started as a rodeo clown, (known today as an American bullfighter, (a more glorious title I believe than clown.) My daddy missed 3 days of work in 33 years with the same oil company, was still working up till 3 weeks of his death. He could sit a horse as good as any man.

Pam and I broke, trained, and boarded up to 31 head of horses for 4 years. Pam qualified for the Olympic Equestrian trials in Hunter Jumper classes. That same year I hauled her thoroughbred and my quarter horse over 50 K miles , costume showing, riding gaming classes like barrels, poles, buddy races, and the equivalent of drag racing quarter horses. Seems to me, there is a bit of a cowboy of modern sorts even in me.

I think that’s why I liked the message and (music) in the song.


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