Wednesday, November 9, 2011

LRRP Rations

Via Survival
We have just received thousands of fresh LRP / CW Ration main course entrees. Named after the higly effective LRP teams of the Vietnam era, the Freeze Dried LRP Ration as you may remember or have heard about is far superior to the old canned C-Rations and massively better than the current MRE's of today. I have eaten many LRP’s and can affirm to the highly superior quality and long storing capability of this product. Vacuum packed for MANY years of storage life in heavy duty Mylar type bags, LRP’s are unequaled.

The only difference between the entrees is LRP’s come in a brown pouch, CW comes in a white pouch; same formula. Our LRP entrees contain approximately 1/3 more meat than the finest commercial Freeze Dried backpacking entrees and is only about1/3rd the weight of an MRE.

Dimensions: Approximately 3 1/4 inches wide, 2 1/2 deep and 4 1/2 high. These entrees form a rectangle that stack nicely in your rucksack or other small space; thus allowing the maximum amount of food to be carried in a confined area. LRP’s come packed 20 entrees per case with individual dividers for added protection. LRP’s vs. MRE’s or canned rations; there is absolutely no comparison when it comes to long storage life, great taste and weight; LRP’s win hands down! I do well on only 2 entrees per day even when engaged in heavy backpacking.

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