Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Occupy Everything, death to capitalism." or up with Marxism

Via Cousin John

Protests have continued throughout the night in Oakland, California, as police clashed with demonstrators from the Occupy Wall Street group.

Police fired tear gas as a group within the protesters lit a fire and threw stones and bottles at officers.

The late-night clashes followed a day of action against "corporate greed", which saw a mass protest march in central Oakland.

Protesters shut down the city's port, one of the busiest in the US.

Around 30 people were reportedly arrested in the early hours of Thursday, and at least four protesters were brought to hospital.

Protests on Wednesday were largely peaceful until around midnight local time (07:00 GMT), when some of the protesters reportedly lit a barricade on fire.

Afterwards, police fired tear gas and "flash bang" grenades near the main plaza, where Occupy Wall Street protesters have been camping.


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