Friday, February 3, 2012


(the following is a continuation of yesterday's article, and the follow-up lessons I utilize when teaching novice gunfighters the tricks of the trade. I've taught this program with each training session lasting several hours, and I've taught the entire program in a two-day block. Assuming a qualified instructor with a solid grasp on the principles of adult teaching methods, who can effectively utilize the crawl-walk-run method of instruction, and the explain-demonstrate-practice method of teaching, it can be done. Nevertheless, this POI is generally taught over a span of as long as three weeks, with 5-10 times more dry-fire practice, to master the fundamentals, than actual live-fire practice. --J.M.)

Training Session Two: Slow Aimed with the Carbine

While this course is predicated on a practiced grasp of the fundamentals of basic rifle marksmanship (BRM), the reality is that BRM as normally taught in the military and in the civilian rifle world generally does not teach fighting with the carbine from a standing, CQC posture. Therefore, this session should focus on the basics of fighting with the carbine: proper stance, firing grip, sight alignment and sight picture, breathing control under stress, trigger control, follow-through, and recovery.

During CQC, the fighter will generally find it necessary to make a majority of his shots from the standing position, despite the fact that the standing position is the least stable firing position available.

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