Sunday, February 5, 2012

Who should be locked up?

A fellow called today and asked," Well, what would you do about all the drug pushers in public school, that's a real problem in todays schools, wouldn't you want to arrest those people who push drugs on your kids in school?"

My answer was this," If this is such a problem, why do you send your children to public school, where you have no control over someone pushing drugs on your child in the first place?" I don't have that problem, because my 8 children do not go to public school.

Quit asking the state to take care of your children people. If you are going to send them off to a public cage system, don't gripe about the dangers they face there. Who in their right mind would send their child to the battlefields of Iraq? Who in their right mind would tell their 8 year old, "son, I know there are many dangers in this world, but your a man now, deal with it, if something happens to you, I will call the school admins and chew them out."

You know there are dangers there and you send them for 8 hours a day EVERY day?

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