Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Ballad of Michael Behenna

Via Deborah

This ballad is dedicated to 1LT Michael Behenna, an Army officer wrongly convicted of killing an al-Qaida operative in Iraq. To Learn More Go to www.DefendMichael.com

May the families of 5th Platoon Soldiers SPC Steven J. Christofferson and SGT Adam J. Kohlhaas know their warriors were heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country, and they will NEVER be forgotten.


  1. Thanks. Because of his mother's story on the radio, I have come to find out there are MANY more like him!! I, for one, will continue to support him and other like him. Our CIC can order kills and take credit to further his election campaign, for the same thing our troops do every day and get sent to prison for. It's an OUTRAGE!

    Tarboro, NC