Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lies, Lies, Everywhere are Lies

........ask yourself, and if you can, ask a veteran.

Did they ever, in their wildest dreams, while on the Pacific beaches or in the French Hedgerows, dream for a moment that this nation would degrade to the extent that it has now?  Could they have envisioned the Treyvon Martin case, the Second Term Obama Amnesty Act, or the Orwellian State that we live in now, one that Stalin could only have dreamed of?  Did they ever envision that they were fighting for a nation that would grow increasingly Marxist with the march of years?  Did they ever envision a time when their values and worldviews would be considered obsolete and offensive?  Could they ever have imagined where we are now compared to where they were then?

Did American soldiers fight for this?

I say they did not, based on opinion, study, and personal interaction.

And so it is with a desire for truth that I look further than history-book and American propaganda for what has transpired in recent history.  What I find is lies.  Lies, everywhere lies.

Lies to you.  Lies to me.

Lies to thousands of young American boys as they rushed to fight in the fields of Europe and the Pacific beaches.  For the second time.  Lies to the citizens of America as their tax dollars went to arm the Bolshevik regime in the USSR.  Lies as FDR transformed the US government irrevocably into a budding marxist state.

They continue.

More lies.  More swindles.  More and more.

Full article @ The Arctic Patriot

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