Monday, April 2, 2012

What really happened at the county Republican convention

There were two major story lines at Saturday’s Clark County (Washington) Republican Convention in Vancouver: the unbelievable disorganization of convention organizers, and the superlative organization of the Paul and Santorum campaigns.

Unfortunately, Columbian reporter Stephanie Rice bent, folded, spindled and mutilated them into a story that was a parody of the real convention.

Charged with two tasks–electing 94 delegates and 94 alternates to the state convention in Tacoma later this spring, and producing a platform–the county convention ended two hours late, having elected 75 delegates and no alternates, and having failed to even discuss, much less approve, a platform. Says Rice’s article:

The blame was placed on Ron Paul supporters.

The tortured syntax and passive voice tell you pretty much all you need to know: Rice couldn’t find anyone to put the blame on Paul supporters, so she put it there herself.

Here’s what really happened Saturday in Vancouver:

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  1. can you tell me what else is happening in north carolina?