Sunday, May 6, 2012

GRNC ACTION ALERT: An illegal gun ban?

Charlotte has scheduled a series of "Extraordinary Events" during which the freedom of law-abiding North Carolinians is severely compromised.

Backpacks, many ordinary tools and even ROCKS are among items banned within large areas of Uptown Charlotte during five "Events" scheduled so far, including the Democrat National Convention.

Although firearms are not mentioned specifically, and can't be banned due to GRNC's successful statewide preemption, Section 15-313-c-14 of the ordinance does prohibit, "A device used to shoot, hurl or project a missile of any description..." Is this an illegal gun ban?

While Charlotte tries to disarm North Carolinians, Florida upholds Second Amendment rights

Florida Governor Rick Scott has shutdown Tampa's misguided efforts to ban guns during the Republican National Convention:

"It is unclear how disarming law abiding citizens would better protect them from the dangers and threats posed by those who would flout the law".

We couldn't have said it any better, Governor.


Tell Mayor Foxx and Charlotte leaders to trust their citizens like Florida Governor Rick Scott does!

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  1. Every gun ban is illegal.

    Saying "an illegal gun ban" is like talking about "a cold piece of ice".



  2. Good point! Did you get the email on BofA?

  3. Didn't NC just loose a case wherein the judge ruled the state doesn't have the power to ban transporting or possessing firearms off ones property in areas under a state of emergency?
    At any rate Charlotte has been passing alot of ordinances in preparation for the convention. They're afraid the occupy crowd will spoil the big moment. Among these ordinances is a ban on "camping equipment" in city parks. On the list of proscribed "camping equipment" are locks and chains. Apparently my camping equipment list has been incomplete all these years.
    Charlotte is what ten or twenty miles from those "South of the Border" fireworks stands?

  4. I believe the newly passed law once again makes it legal to carry in a state of emergency.
    Apparently my camping equipment list has been incomplete all these years.

    My, goodness, that's been prescribed for years.....:)
    I believe Charlotte and unfortunately Asheville of the days of yore are sorely gone. I broke a large chip out of a front tooth on a Soap Box Derby car in Asheville when I was visiting my Aunt Sally Moore who taught piano to Minnie Pearl, by the way. I have a delightful picture of the two with the price tag and all!:)