Saturday, May 12, 2012

SHTF Salad Bombs. You're welcome.

The latest project me and the daughter got in to was making "seed bombs." The basic gist behind a seed bomb is to plant flowers in vacant lots by simply tossing a seed ball on them. A seed bomb is pretty simple. Take 5 parts clay, 3 parts potting soil, 1 part flower seeds and 1 part water. Mix it, then roll it into about 1" balls. Let them dry and chuck them on to vacant lots, kick back and watch the fun. Here's some sunflower seed bombs we made.

Then I got to thinking. Seeds are seeds, am I right? What works for a flower seed should work for a vegetable seed. No? But with a clay based seed bomb the seeds start to germinate because of the moisture and it's recommended to use them within a week. So for SHTF purposes I needed a way to store the seeds without starting the germination. I googled alternative methods of making seed balls and found where some people use gelatin based empty pill capsules.

Clay protects the seeds from birds and makes the seeds easier to throw. That's not so much of a problem at a BOL. The pill capsules should be sufficient and beat the heck out of "tilling a garden." Find a good spot, poke a hole with a stick, drop in a Salad Bomb, mash the hole closed with your foot. And you can store probably more than 100 capsules in a watertight 60dr. pill bottle.

~size "00" gelatin based pill capsules.
~heirloom tomato, red onion, and bib lettuce seeds.
~Jobes plant food spikes.

Each pill capsule contains vegetable seeds and 1/3 of a Jobes plant food spike.

I'm going to "plant" some of these and see what happens.


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