Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Defense – Obstacles Part IV: More On Roads And Bridges

WBTS Abatis

In the last entry we covered what man-improved obstacles were and some ways we could cut (severe) trails. In this entry we’re going to examine another (and probably easier) way to block trails and bridges. I’m also going to present some considerations you need to take into account when making the decision to place such obstacles.

The next type of obstacle I’m going to cover is an Abatis. For our purpose an Abatis is an obstacle that is formed by a group of trees cut down to interlock blocking a road, trail, or approach path for a vehicle. As always this kind of obstacle won’t really slow down a threat on foot however it is pretty good at slowing down and temporarily halting vehicles. Let’s take a look at a diagram that I’ve annotated from an Army manual:

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