Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fast & Furious’ Coming Narrative: They Are Attacking Eric Holder Because He’s Black

Via Michael

On the day His Heinous has exerted Royal Privelege, er – ‘Executive Privelege’ to hide the documents Attorney General Eric Holder has refused to turn over to Rep. Daryl Issa’s Congressional Oversight committee’s subpoena, I am marveling at the Useful Idiots in Congress and the Media trying to cover for Obama’s cover-up of White House sanctioned murder to change the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

To me this is admission and proof that Obama himself was involved directly in the Gunwalker scandal, and legally – his office has to be involved personally in order for that royal privilege to have legal standing.

But enforcing the law is now up against a regime that says “How many Divisions does this Congressional Committee have at it’s disposal?”

The documents may show the Obama regime’s scheme and designs to walk guns to Mexican drug cartels in the hopes of killing Americans in order to change public opposition to Obama’s gun ban plans. Eric Holder, the top ‘law enforcement officer in the country’ has perjured himself on multiple occasions during the 8 months of hearings the Obama media has buried from public view.

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  1. A hangman's noose for Holder. Not because he is a Negro. But because he has betrayed his oath of office and the US Constitution.


  2. because he has betrayed his oath of office and the US Constitution.